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  1. I would like if Plant would splice in 30 classic Zep songs of his choosing so that every show, showcases his re-imaged Zep songs.  

    On 11/14/2017 at 9:25 AM, IpMan said:

    For me this has always been Zeppelin's best blues number, it is truly a perfectly constructed song from beginning to end. Everyone just gels so well on this song while Page gives us his ultimate blues solo and Plant sings his damn ass off. Plus the lyrics have more depth than your average, baby done me wrong, blues. This song comes off more as an apology to the woman he loves...he was the source of pain, not his lady. 

    A song which turns blues on its head in a very good way.


    On 10/30/2017 at 2:03 PM, BledZabbath said:

    Priest priest is still putting out good music, listen to the entire Redeemer Of Souls Deluxe edition cd, can’t wait for their new one coming out next year.


  2. I love all the albums from Zep 1 to PG.  Presence has ALS/FYL/NFBM are the only songs I like.  ITTOD has ITE/FITR/C/IGC thats it for me.  I feel like ITTOD with the exception of Bonzo.  Its like Zep aged overnight.  Pages Guitar army sounds thin and does not roar.  Robert Plant sounds good but tired.  JPJ is good but ever his energy is lower.  Notice how rare it is for Zep when they do reunions or in solo shows.  They don't do songs from that era.  

  3. Its funny that even though I don't listen to much Radio.  When I do.  I hear Zep songs and it feels like a lot of Zep songs are poular and have more mass appeal, than say Sabbath/Purple songs for example.  

    Basically it seems like Sabbath/Purple Songs don't resonate beyond the popular hits from them.  Except for some songs off of Presence and ITTOD/Coda. You can drop me into any part of a Zeppelin songs and I will know it.  

  4. I am on the Rival Sons Facebook page.  These guys are the real deal and they have a lot of great songs.  Its one thing for one or two songs to hit big and have filler.  Its another thing for at least 90% of the songs I hear from Rival Sons to really hit the spot.  

    Everyone tries to link them to Zep, but for me.  Its the Songwriting craft that both bands have in common more than anything else.  Rival Sons to me have a better edit button on their songs and stretch out live.  The added thing they have that Zep don't is that Rival Sons can reference Zeps era.  Where Zep could only really look to the blues and 50's rock and roll/some english folklore as well.  

    Rival Sons are in the Studio as we speak, as of this post.  The album will be produced by Dave Cobb and we should see a Jan/Feb release,because they give themselves at least a month to cook with songs.  They also start the Deep Purple tour in Nov.  I am also sure Rival Sons want some time with thier families before they do basically do Deep Purple/Black Sabbath back to back.

  5. Yes I am at it again. They are really both iconic in imagery and influence. They both were into Rock and Blues.

    As a Band....

    The Doors-Jim and Ray to me lead the band. As Robert/Jimmy did in Zep.

    The Doors seemed more like Bad Boys than Zep.

    Songs. Zep had more Variety. The Doors had this gritty Nocternal vibe to their songs.

    My 3 great Doors Songs are Light my Fire/Riders of the Storm/The Wasp.

    My 3 great Zep songs are HMMT/WTLB/Dazed and Confused 1973.

    Jim vs Robert. Jim to me is a little bit more Cool and trance like in his vocals. Robert has more pounce and prowl in his vocal delivery.

    Robbie vs Jimmy. Both are great guitarits. Robbie has more of a Snake/Spidery guitar sound. He does not go into Dive Bombs and way pedals as much. Jimmy has way more tricks in his arsenal. Robbie's playing style is more on the cool side as well. Were as Jimmy's sound has more sorcery to it.

    Densmore vs Bonham. Densmore to me sound like his drumming is more like Jazz. Bonham has more of a Gorilla on the hunt and can do way more than Densmore in making his kit sing.

    Ray vs JPJ. Both are great. Yet I feel like when it comes to Keys. Ray really made it more dominant. Ray's Bass Keys vs JPJ Bass. JPJ has a funk feel.

    The Doors to me their sound is really trapped in that late 60's vibe. Where Zep to me have a more timeless sound.

    Anyways I will chime in more when I have more time.

    I do think that both bands were really important. I do feel like Jim Morrison should have been called Jim Morrison and The Doors. Where as LZ were more 4 working parts and not one member really over shadowed the band.

  6. Kingzoso. Can you expand on what you mean that Zep were better than The Who? In terms of player vs player? When you hear The Who. When it comes to concert and sound how do they sound to your ears. Weak?

    I just lean towards Zeppelin as it sound right to my ears. They just seem to know what they are doing. The Who just seem to me to bash things out. They don't really go into layered songs that Zep do like Dazed and How many more Times etc.

  7. I guess with Zeppelin its a journey. The Who its more a specticle. Like when is PT going to break his guitar. For me. Zep have songs within songs for the most part. HMMTimes and Dazed have a more layered song structure. The Who structure is more poppy. I guess its like this with most classic bands. When they first start they have pop melodies in their songs. Later they come into their identity. For me Zep maintained their ID from Zep 1 to Pressence and then went poppy on ITTOD.

  8. Everyone knows I like a VS post.

    Anyways whats the difference in your mind between the two? I used the Who to vs Zep in the sense that both bands are on par with each other in the popular culture when it comes to Rock and Roll.

    To me The Who were more standing up to the man and had more of a political bent to thier music. Zeppelin were more about getting laid and more the sexual side of love/Mysitcal adventures.

    THe Who seemed to be more about bashing the music into the listener head, much like punk. Zeppelin had light and shape. More mysticle in thier approch where you wondered how could they do that with guitar.

    I will express more later. I just wanted to get the ball rolling. I feel like Zeps legacy is intact. The Who just don't seem as powerfull on stage when I see them. Or in my mind they have not aged well.

  9. Ginger is coming off like a bitter old man. Why bother trash them. Bonzo and Moon always come up as the #1 and 2 in world wide best rock drummers. Along with Neil Piert from Rush.

    Bonzo's playing suited Zeppelin, thats why the reforms have always been hard because Bonzo added a lot of color to Zep. Think about how hip hop has taken his beats to the next level.

  10. I was just surfing around the net. Do you think that Zeppelin is Psychedelic and if so what songs would they be. One person said that only Led Zep 1 was a Psychedelic album

    What do you think? For me. I say songs like DC/HMMT/YTIGC.

    To me anything that is Psychedelic has to have this cosmic cloud feeling. It has to be long and jam orientated and at least 6 to 8 minutes long. Long guitar solos and various sounds. Almost like taking the guitar and bass and making them sound like organs.

  11. LZ 2 Thank you. Its too sweet for my Zep.

    HOTH Dyer maker I am not into Reggae

    Presence R Orleanes/Candy Store Rock/Hots for no where/Tea for one

    ITTOD- Hotdog/Southbound Surarez

    With ITTOD. Zep sound tired and it does feel like 1979. The guitar sound just feels like lets put something out for the sake of it. Its not like When Zep get together they play stuff from ITTOD.

  12. I got hooked on Zep with the song Rock & Roll. It was the ending that I liked. LZ are my favorite band of all time and I like every song. The riffs and the dynamics in the band and the way they change things up live. No other band has been able to do that to me. James Brown is the closest that comes close to tying them in terms of rival artists.

    When the levee breaks is my all time LZ song.

  13. My review. It was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. I hope Jason comes out with a CD/MP3/DVD of this tour. I hate the song Thank you. Somehow when I head it with the clips. I teared up. I am not a crier by any stretch. I thought that the song selection was excellent. Jason took the Mystical aspects of Zeppelin and created a set list that was awesome.

    I went to that concert on 3 hrs sleep and had to work nights at the hospital. I sucked in every moment of it. I liked that fact that Jason had some class and was not swearing his head off like Motley Crew.

    As it stands now. Zep is my favorite band of all time. Only rivaled by James Brown. I wish that Jason would continue this as a regular thing. I would go every year. I hope he mixes up the set list.

    highlights for me were. When the Levee breaks. The Lemon song. Babe IGLY. Immigrant song. Even Stairway was done great. I am surpised that Zep did not play WTLB. Jason did a great job with that one.

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