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  1. I'd like to find out what Led Zepp would of named their next album after In through the Outdoor. Now I know after that album was made both Jimmy and Jon Bonham wanted to record another hard hitting album like Presence with no keyboards (according to the Hammer of the Gods). So this is just for fun. My thoughts are: The Menstral Cathedral Bow!
  2. How about Atlantic Stompers
  3. Here are three live Bonham drumming that kills me. 1. In my Time of Dying on the DVD how the West was won. What I love is there are certain sections that lead you to believe Zepp is about to make a major mistake. These spots are the stops. But Bonham keeps it together as if he and Jimmy Page have ESP . 2. The last section of Dazed and Confused in the Movie the Song Remains the Same. This is the section were John Paul Jones and Jon Bonham are smiling at each other. Their playing some off time beat with Bonham playing a jungle beat. (You can tell he's really digging it by the way he's smiling
  4. Jon Bonham was an amazing drummer. He had an erotic approach to his playing. Eddy Kramer once said that Jon had a unique sound. He could place two crappy microphones for the over heads and one in the bass drum and still get an amazing sound from Jon. I don't know if any of you know this (maybe some drummers will know ) in the live version of Moby Dick there is a section that Jon Bonham sort of used from a drum solo that Buddy Rich did on his drums. I wouldn't have believed it until a friend of mine let me view a 60's video about Buddy Rich. And sure enough Buddy was doing a section of Moby D
  5. Here's one for the books. Never leave cd's by the back of the car where the windshield is in the summer..........
  6. Just wanted to let everyone know that Eddy and Jimmy were not the ones who invented tapping. I've seen old footage of Les Paul who was tapping the strings......way before Eddy and Jimmy were born. Jimmy covered more ground on the guitar than Eddy. I've listened to alot of Eddy and there's really only one cd that he and his mates did anything worth listenning as far as guitar. The F.U.C.K cd.
  7. I don't the name of this actress but she was in the movie The Mummy. Very attractive woman. Another is David Gilmour's daughter. She's a knock-out!!
  8. Great music will always be forever young!!! Look at how many people still listen to Mozart and Beethoven.........: )
  9. Yes it wasn't the greatest work of Sabbath. I guess it's one of those lost albums of Sabbath's career. When I was learning all the great rock of the seventies Sabbath was one of them next to Zepp. Toni did come up with some real great riffs. He's an underestimated guitarist. I really liked his lead work on War Pigs. Fairy's wear Boots is another one I like. Symptom of the Universe was great too. When I had a band called Engine Room we use to play alot of Sabbath my drummer use to really go off on Symptom of the Universe. I use to hit the chords and wait while he would do the fills. I'd just
  10. A very underated Sabbath cd is Born Again. This cd was kind of overlooked. I think it's a real good album. Ian Gillian really does a good job on vocals. And is the only other cd other than Heaven & Hell that has all three original musicians on it. A real scary-heavy album.......: )
  11. That's a very tough question. Unfortunately I will not be voting this year for any of the candidates. I do feel that America was once a very strong country in the sense that it had a great vision to live in the life of justice. It was once a country that wanted to enjoy the labor of working within your means. Than finding a mate to marry and by a home and settle down to raise a family. This has changed. Washington D.C. has changed. Any candidate with new ideas of improving the country is overshadowed once they enter office. There are too many "power that be" who are manipulating the "vision"
  12. You're right. The way I did it was I used a decapo on the 2nd fret. Standard tuning.
  13. I like Stairway to Heaven. But I also really dig When the Levee Breaks. When I was in my last band called Engine Room. We did a split version of When the Levee Breaks.....than in the middle of it we would go write into In My Time of Dying. It worked like a charm because there both in the same key.....and have the slide-guitar in them!!!!
  14. I actually love to sing along with "American Pie" by Don McClain. I sometimes feel embarrased because the song is kind of an anthem of the 60's. But for me there's alot of real truth in the words of the song.
  15. I saw Roger Waters last year at the Madison Square Garden. Amazing concert. He did Sheep from the Animals album for the first time since that album was released in the late 70's. After the concert I got to go backstage. Roger wasn't there but I got the chance to meet the rest of the band. It was a privilage to meet Snowy White. He was the second guitarist to back-up David Gilmour in the Pink Floyd days before Roger left the band.
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