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  1. oops missed that last one. i can't stand up for falling down....elvis costello.
  2. your mate collapses in a drug induced stupor in a park just before a zep gig and you slap his face shouting "don't die till after the gig".....true story.
  3. only stuff i still have are signed fate of nations cd and photo.
  4. 72...75x4 and 79. also plant and page a couple of times and plant solo 4 times(i think)
  5. 53 years young....great there's so many younger fans to keep the zep going....saw them in the apollo in 72'...4 times at earls court and also knebworth...plant and page at s.e.c.c. a few times plus some plant gigs....i remember getting up for work one morning in 1980,hearing on the radio that bonham had died and going straight back to bed...baaaad day.
  6. smoke on the water.....deep purple.
  7. that about sums it up....dp were one of the finest rock bands on the planet.
  8. saw the who 3 times in the 70's, twice at the apollo, and once at celtic park...headlining a gig including little feat..sahb..streetwalkers...todd rungren..,great band.
  9. bring back ritchie and jon and i,m there...
  10. i sold my earls court (4) and knebworth tickets and programmes on e-bay... and a ticket and programme from 72.......am i a bad person???
  11. who was on guitar?...was gillan on vocals?
  12. dream catch me.....newton faulkner.
  13. yeah burn was excellent, also stormbringer.
  14. *sigh* where's that confounded bridge.
  15. yeah...blackmore never played with sabbath...iommi has been their only lead guitarist..altho they've had a few purple connections with gillan,dio and hughes in their line ups thru the years.
  16. coverdale(or cover version as plant called him) just could'nt live up to gillan though.
  17. when i saw them with bolin,he took some stick from the crowd for replacing ritchie though.
  18. i agree...purple were excellent live....saw them with gillan and also with coverdale,hughes etc...both great bands in their own right...also when gillan went solo saw him do some great live stuff.
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