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    Love playing guitar, spending time with my wife and kids and my newfie Dallas, travelling and listening to tunes. Love the 70's. Can't help it, I'm stuck there. Love Zeppelin and all similar bands, but especially love prog rock.
  1. yahyoubetcha

    Song Name Game

    Going Down - Jeff Beck Group
  2. yahyoubetcha


    Propaganda - one of my all time favorites! Could only find it on a Japanese import and it cost me $60 but I had to have it on CD. The album was long worn out. I think they're still around too. At least the Mael brothers.
  3. yahyoubetcha

    Metal/Hard Rock and Zep

    When Zep was in their heyday (70s) the were considered a Heavy Metal band. Same as Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and yes, Sabbath. The meaning of the term Heavy Metal changed over the years, leaving Zep and like bands to now be considered 'hard rock' or 'blues rock' or whatever other genre the media likes to pigeonhole them in. But before there was Juda Priest and Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin was Heavy Metal.
  4. yahyoubetcha


    Black Napkins (Zoot Allures) and all the versions of Sofa.
  5. yahyoubetcha

    Excuse me Oh would you excuse me?

    Canadian band Max Webster did a tune called Paradise Skies and when Kim Mitchell sang the line "happiness is beginning to rise" we always thought he was singing "my penis is beginnng to rise'.
  6. yahyoubetcha

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Spock's Beard - The Light
  7. Completely agree. When my son started playing guitar just a few years ago, the first riff he learned was Smoke on the Water. That was the first riff I learned when I learned to play. (The second he learned was Iron Man.)
  8. yahyoubetcha

    Band Name Game

  9. yahyoubetcha

    Song Name Game

    Time - Floyd
  10. yahyoubetcha

    Band Name Game

    David Bowie
  11. yahyoubetcha

    Song Name Game

    I Got the Feeling - The Jeff Beck Group
  12. yahyoubetcha

    Song Name Game

    I Won't Mind - Uriah Heep
  13. yahyoubetcha

    Shoe thrown at Bush !

    ??? Explain your thinking there.
  14. yahyoubetcha

    Purple/Rainbow/Blackmore etc

    Yeah, so, uhhh, maybe you could sign up for those English classes you've been thinking about, eh? Or, you know, maybe not, I don't know. Totally, like, up to you.
  15. yahyoubetcha


    Alright, maybe not then. I've never ween them live, and that doesn't sound great. Ah well, I hope they do SOMEthing soon and I'm sure they'll pick an appropriate singer and move on as a NEW project.