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    Zep Head
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    Gilbert, AZ U.S.A.
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    All music that ROCKS!!!!
  1. GAC64

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Something In The Way~Nirvana
  2. GAC64

    Where Are You?

    In beautiful Gilbert, AZ, USA.
  3. Hey "Valleygirl" I'm from Arizona, USA.

  4. Haven't been on in awhile. Hope everyone is having a great year! Remember, all music is good, but Zeppelin Rocks!!!

  5. GAC64

    Your least favorite 5 songs

    I have no "least favorite." All Zeppelin Rocks!!!!
  6. GAC64

    The NHL Thread

    The Sabres are toast! GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!!!
  7. GAC64

    The Dark Side of Pink Floyd

    RIP~ Syd Barret RIP~ Rick Wright RIP~ Pink Floyd
  8. GAC64

    The NHL Thread

    Yes, very good defense. But they can't score enough to beat Philly! Go Flyers!!! Need to go right now. Everyone have a great night!
  9. GAC64

    The NHL Thread

    This is true. But i think he can still bring it if they use him with the right wingers and he doesn't get hurt.
  10. GAC64

    The NHL Thread

    At least they don't unload all thier talent to save a buck! If they sign Peter Forsberg. They'll have the best centers in the league!
  11. GAC64

    John Travolta's son dies

  12. GAC64

    The NHL Thread

    From the Los Angeles area, Burbank to be exact. My 1st game was in 1980. Flyers vs. LA at the old "Great Western Forum". Been a fan ever since. And no 'they aint shit" is right. They are the SHIT!! Don't think Buffalo will even make the playoffs!
  13. GAC64

    New Years Eve Thread

    Everyone have a safe New Year! Go Flyers!
  14. GAC64

    Is Led Zeppelin Your Favorite Band?

    They're in my top five along with YES, ELP, Pink Floyd & Scorpions.
  15. GAC64

    Best Song Of Led Zeppelin III

    "Out On The Tiles" Great Zep!