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    All music that ROCKS!!!!
  1. Hey "Valleygirl" I'm from Arizona, USA.

  2. Haven't been on in awhile. Hope everyone is having a great year! Remember, all music is good, but Zeppelin Rocks!!!

  3. They're in my top five along with YES, ELP, Pink Floyd & Scorpions.
  4. I took the family to see "The Tale of Despereaux" on Christmas. Good family fun.
  5. WOW! Sorry guys, i've been away.
  6. Yes she was! Too bad those bastards are still alive!!!
  7. I agree! The music today really sucks! Everyone sounds so lame! None of it has any balls!
  8. A great high energy band. Kick ass at the "US festival"!! Hope they will tour the states again.
  9. Checked them out at the LA sports arena on the "A" tour. I've seen alot of concerts and that was one of my favorite!
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