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  1. Hi! I don't post much either, but everyone here seems so great! Hope to see you on the boards! Chat soon!
  2. No preferences...I love both!
  3. Well, as the significant other to GAC64, I can assure you that he is quite the hottie, but he's all mine ...as for pic's well...I'll have to try and find the naked one of him...IT"S SO HOT!!!!! Here's my description "soft, chestnut brown, wavy hair, kept short but long enough to run your fingers through, soulful green eys that pierce even the hardest of souls, a sweet sheepish grin, that hides a devilsh smile, the broadest built shoulders and the hardest chest." (Gasp & swoon) Yes, he's adorable!
  4. I realize that sometimes television grants the instant gratification for filling the void but maybe try reading a book, or write a letter. Sounds lame...but you'd be surprised how many people would be all together blown away by an unexpected note. And especially if you're feeling under the weather, a note could cheer you up too. Take care!
  5. heyhey_gac

    What is

    all of them...yet...I would have to say... Hey Hey What Can I Do ...all time fav.
  6. this is for the diversity of it all, right? Jimi Hendrix...Band of Gypsys David Bowie...Young Americans KC and the Sunshine Band...KC and the Sunshine Band Now, that cat's out of the bag!!!
  7. Happy Birthday to You!!! And MANDERS More!!!
  8. Excuse me, are you looking at someone else's behind? Isn't mine BIG enough to look at? Just kiddin'! No BIG BUTT threads are necessary, I bet people who have a true sense of being understand that curves are a vital part of being SEXY!
  9. Thank you ALL for being so COOL to my Honey! I am the significant other to GAC... his real name is Glenn...On the 31st we spent a quiet evening eating Panda Express...a fast food Chinese take out...On Saturday 2/2 we spent sometime with his oldest daughter and our youngest daughter and we had pizza at a quiant little place called Casanova Bros. Really good Italian Food...Totally embarassed him with balloons and birthday cake...everyone in the place sang "Happy Birthday". He was hoping to find a couple of well-wishes, but you all made him feel great. Thanks again for being so awsome! BTW, m
  10. Hey Hey What Can I Do...a song that saved my life. I realize that it sounds a little DQ (Drama Queen) for me to say, but have you ever felt like there was something missing in your life, even if it were for a split second, and you needed something to bridge that space? I had a bad time...a long time ago...and that song was a savior. I played it over and over again until my CD player practically burned up, but it made me feel so much better and I couldn't even begin to explain it to anyone. I have an appreciation for the music, lyrics and soulfulness of the song itself. This song saved me.
  11. Great topic for a forum! yeah, well...he has a BUM! Wow! My old man is going to give me serious grief over this post...but what the heck? My old man has a great BUM!!! Thank you for the pic's!!!
  12. Nice to meet you! Really nice picture...very cute baby!
  13. Happy New Year Daddy!

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