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  1. North American mutt here. Native American from my dad, and Irish from my mom.
  2. VNV Nation - Illusion what a beautiful song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu-8wGbWMro
  3. Hotel California (live acoustic) from Hell Freezes Over.
  4. fairly recent one of me, enjoying the country near where I grew up.
  5. I - Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You / How Many More Times II - What Is and What Should Never Be / Bring It On Home III - Friends / Celebration Day IV - Stairway to Heaven / Four Sticks HOTH - Rain Song / No Quarter PG - Custard Pie / Ten Years Gone Presence - For Your Life / Royal Orleans TSRTS - Celebration Day / No Quarter ITTOD - In The Evening / I'm Gonna Crawl Coda - We're Gonna Groove / Walter's Walk
  6. Best: No Quarter 73-75 Worst: In the Evening Funny about my choices... I absolutely hate the studio version of NQ, but the live versions always seem to be awesome (though they started getting a little too damn long). As for In the Evening, I love the studio version of this song, but every live version I've heard of it sounds hollow.
  7. Thanks Reggie. I actually signed on here a year ago today (just realized that a few minutes ago when I happened to glance at my join date on this post). Cool pic with the lyrics, by the way. That is an interesting quote from Robert. Thanks. I've always been amazed by his lyrics, and how they seem to say one thing but mean another. Maybe one of these days he'll write a book explaining what his songs are really about.
  8. Aside from the first verse, it just seems to be about a person who is going through a very difficult, yet self induced, problem. I figured I was probably off base with that, but figured I would ask anyway.
  9. I tried doing a search, but the search function on this board isn't really all that great. I was wondering about the lyrics for "In the Evening"... Was this song possibly written about Page? or maybe even Bonham? --- In the evening, When the day is done I'm looking for a woman, but the girl don't come So don't let her, Play you for a fool She don't show no pity baby, she don't make no rules Chorus: Oh, oh, I need your love, I need your love Oh, I need your love, I just got to have So don't you let her, Oh, get under your skin It's only bad luck and trouble, From the day that you begin I hear you crying in the darkness, Don't ask nobody's help Ain't no pockets full of mercy baby, Cause you can only blame yourself Chorus Oh it's simple, All the pain that you go through You can turn away from fortune, fortune, Cause that's all that's left to you It's lonely at the bottom, Man, it's dizzy at the top But if you're standing in the middle, Ain't no way you're gonna stop Chorus Oh whatever that your days may bring No use hiding in a corner, Cause that won't change a thing If you're dancing in the doldrums, One day soon, it's got to stop, it's got to stop When you're the master of the off-chance, When you don't expect a lot Chorus
  10. stumbled on this while surfing youtube. pretty cool song.
  11. crappy webcam pic of me sitting in the floor, vegetating in front of the computer.
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