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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YrinCQOxB0 I can't say that I really like the song, but dang this guy could sing.
  2. I'm with you bub. Budweiser is the best. Especially with the kind of weather we've been having around here lately.
  3. I think many of you don't understand just why Michael Jackson's passing is a big deal to a lot of people. He had many fans, it's true. But there are many, myself included, who have a strong connection to him simply because he was a part of our lives as we grew up. I watched this man grow up while I myself grew up. His songs bring back memories of things in my life when I did 'this' with my family, or 'that' with friends, or "insert another past experience here". One example in particular is watching my nephew, who hadn't even learned how to walk at the time, trying to dance to 'wanna be
  4. They both contributed a lot to music and their time period. It wasn't a contest.
  5. http://www.southparkstudios.com/episodes/220683 this is about the only exposure i've had to the jonas brothers, but it was enough.
  6. I agree. It does sound like AIC... without Layne on lead vocals. Sorry, it's just my preference. Layne's voice and lyrics are what drew me to AIC in the first place, not the sound of the band. I wish them well though.
  7. I think if there is an audience that wants to hear it, then they should definitely continue on. I'm just stating that in my opinion (and thank you for respecting it, by the way), it's not the same without Layne. I personally never considered Jerry Cantrell to be the heart of AIC, but to each his/her own. I respect your opinions too.
  8. I'm sure I will get my ass handed to me for saying this here, but I don't like the song. For me personally, AIC died when Layne died. Just my opinion.
  9. Apparently you haven't listened to many Queen albums. Most (maybe all?) of their albums up through the early 80s were awesome. I will admit their 80s stuff didn't do much for me, but apparently millions of people all over the world disagree with me on that. Oh, and Innuendo was a masterpiece.
  10. North American mutt here. Native American from my dad, and Irish from my mom.
  11. VNV Nation - Illusion what a beautiful song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu-8wGbWMro
  12. actually, i view this as a positive news story. it's awesome that he lived to such an old age of 97, and that he passed away of natural causes with his family at his side. good going Karl! you'll be remembered.
  13. For those of you out there with a laptop like me, check out the following link. Basically, it's a soundcard that can wireless transmit music to your home theater/audio system. I've had it for a few weeks, and despite the negative reviews I've read online for the wireless receiver, I can report that it works GREAT. Anyways, just wanted to share. Here's the link: http://us.creative.com/products/product.as...;WT.mc_id=20465
  14. I don't do playlists. I listen to Pandora One radio. Here's a list of stations I have on it currently: Michael Jackson Radio Mickey Hart - Planet Drum Radio Pink Floyd Radio Electric Light Orchestra Radio Imperative Reaction Radio VNV Nation Radio (what I'm listening to at the moment) Kenny Wayne Shepard Radio Cagedbaby Radio Led Zeppelin Radio Judas Priest Radio Soft Cell Radio Prince Radio Queen Radio Disturbed Radio
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