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  1. Has anyone had the pleasure(displeasure?) of hearing the band Greta Van Fleet? If you thought Kingdom Come was a clone, as they were in a late 80's hair metal sense, this band takes it to a whole new level, with the singer actually copying Plant's hand gestures, and basically sounds EXACTLY like a young Plant. I would imagine this to change over time, as they appear to be just out of high school, but with people like Eddie Trunk talking them up daily on his Sirius XM show you have to wonder. I'm not sure what to think, and if you were Page, Plant and Jones, would this be flattering, or a joke?
  2. so the Swan Song label has been resurrected as well? Awesome!
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celebration_Day_(album) OCT 17!!!!!
  4. sorry if this has already been posted...
  5. I personally think it's way beyond over. Taking age into account is a very real thing, hell, Page is 68 and would be 69-70 into a tour. IMO they are going about it the right way. The O2 show was 5 years ago, and when you are at that advanced age, its the equivalent of a 30 year old aging 20 years. I can see a show here and there, but a tour? Never gonna happen. Go out on top and don't tarnish the legacy.
  6. This whole "FIVE" thing could mean a lot of things, but im betting it has to do with the O2 concert. five year anniversary of the shows Five disc box(dvd, rehearsals, behind the scenes etc?) a five night stand somewhere?(can only dream, right?) or, five band members, or the title of the dvd/cd set will be called "Led Zeppelin V" or, all five of the above
  7. we'll see if tomorrow brings a "four" then i will agree. I think Page is loving this.
  8. 5 years, 5 band members...the math works out lol
  9. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=379888095416968&set=a.215308741874905.53046.131572223581891&type=1&theater wait for it....somethings happening
  10. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=379888095416968&set=a.215308741874905.53046.131572223581891&type=1&theater
  11. might have something to do with the "Five" graphic on the official Facebook page....
  12. Yucko

    Jimmy Page Says...

    I remember Page saying in an interview that it was some live Zeppelin, and quote "Demo tapes of Zeppelin which covered all the pre-writing and construction of those early songs we did", as well as detailed demos for what Outrider was supposed to be, a double album that was going to be a rock side, blues, instrumental and experimental, and that after those were stolen he basically started over from scratch in the studio, and Outrider was born...If my memory serves me correctly... Look up the October 1988 issue of Guitar World with Page on the cover promoting Outrider. It's no big secret when
  13. Interesting..... Stern asked if Tyler auditioned for Led Zeppelin, and the singer didn't exactly say no. Tyler mentioned by name the man who was Jimmy Page's manager, Peter Mensch. Tyler said Mench called him to say that Led Zeppelin had "just played live and that Robert wouldn't play with them again." So he was asked, "Want to come over and jam with the guys?" Tyler said it was natural to jump at the opportunity. However, when he and Page met face to face and was asked to record an album with him, Tyler turned that down due to his allegiance with Aerosmith. Tyler said he thinks he
  14. hell yeah it is! totally rockin' song, in fact the whole cd is pretty damn good. At first I was thinking "if Jimmy Page was involved with this, it would push it to insane levels", but after half a dozen listens, his presence, imo, might not be required. Josh Homme and Dave Grohl are serious talents, and JPJ...well, we all know his track record. Amazing stuff...Good for Jonesy!
  15. I have heard, and always thought that Plant walked away from P/P cause of Jimmy's drinking at the time
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