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  1. What made me happy today? I've just finished watching a documentary on Jeff Buckley and have again realised the preciousness of life.
  2. Hamd - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The first time I heard this song it was a twenty second sample on an encyclopedia CD fifteen years ago. I thought it, dreamt it and became obsessed by it. I was hooked. It was if the sky broke open and revealed its truths to me in twenty seconds, as long as I kept hitting the Repeat button. I spent five years hunting down the LP and the full version of the song that haunted my dreams. Music at its best.
  3. I don't think Michael knew just exactly how much he'd be missed. Thank you to everyone who posted in this thread.
  4. I think I just soiled myself. Is it the December 08 or Jan 09 edition SIBLY? Is it worthy? I can only find the one with Paul Weller on the front.
  5. Agreed. Ship of Fools was so wonderfully delicate yet passionate. The restrained intricacy of his playing on that track was something else.
  6. In other news, the topic of this thread is : Do we really want this?, The proposed up and coming tour of Page, Jones and Bonham. Mi dos centavos: No
  7. Comprehension is taught in primary school. Don't use your education as an excuse.
  8. Ally, I am questioning you. Your comprehension skills are clearly very weak.
  9. Yet writing an 'open letter' to Robert on the official board is, in your misguided opinion, supposed to force his hand. You need to sit back, read what you have written on this board and reflect. Do you seriously think that you will have any sway on his decision?
  10. Good heavens. I bought it when it came out in '93 (even though I had no CD player) and paid the equivalent of 10 CDs at Australian prices. The Aussies on the board will remember what CD prices in Oz were like back then... $200 is cheap compared to what The Complete Studio Recordings cost.
  11. Tribal Dances/Tribal Drums - Helm and FatChance Bellydance. The Karachi rocks my socks.
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