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  1. Ship of Fools is just an amazing song. I also like teh song Hurting Kind I've Got My Eyes on You.
  2. I should look into some bootlegs because I get tired of the same four live albums.
  3. Well I own both and I would say How The West Was Won is the better live album. For me the Song Remains the Same is not as memorable as How The West Was Won. HTWWW has three discs and many more songs that I like compared to the two disc SRTS.
  4. Earls Court 1975 and Madison Square Garden 1973. Also any of the concerts my dad attended.
  5. I love Led Zeppelin and I love their music, however I do not like it being commercialized. I think that there music is just too legendary for some regular Joe Schmoe to use liek Jack Black. I think that music such as their's should be left alone and used by the artists themselves. I would love for some Led Zeppelin songs to be in Rock Band or Guitar Hero but then it makes the music seem like child's play and many people don't like the music because it is amazing but rather because they got 100% on that song in Guitar Hero. Thats not what the music is for it is there for people to listen to and appreciate. Then people would most likely not like Led Zeppelin but rather just that song because it was in Guitar Hero. All in all I think that Led Zeppelin's music should not be commercialized due to the fact that it is just so legendary.
  6. i have the Led Zeppelin DVD Box Set and I love it. I personally love the Earls Court Show from 1975. I have seen some other videos from that concert on youtube and I think that was an amazing show. So I would like to see that full concert on a DVD. I also love the BBC Sessions album so if there was available footage of that then I would love a DVD of that.
  7. How you could even think that is beyond me but thats ok. That song is nothing compared to Stairway to Heaven. Satisfaction is a catchy little tune whereas Stairway to Heaven is an epic song that will be rememebered forever.
  8. I like Metallica but I just dont love them like I do with Led Zeppelin. Metallica has too many songs that are just metal. Not that that is bad but I just dont like music like that. Back to the topic, I could not see a Led Zeppelin and Metallica tour happen. They are too entirely different genres. Metallica is metal and Led Zeppelin is classic rock. Led Zeppelin has some amaizng songs that are epic (i.e. Stairway to Heaven, Kashmir). They don't really have any songs in their catalog that are metal. Now Metallica is good but they are not great. Many of their songs start to sound the same and most of them are all just pure metal. Now songs like One, Fade to Black could be considered softer but at the same time they do lead into some solos that are great but are just well metal. Bottom line is that I could not see Led Zeppelin playing any music that is metal and I could not see Metallica playing any of Zeppelin's classics as well as their earlier bluesy stuff. I think that if the two performed together it would have a negative impact on each bands reputation and career.
  9. First I would thank them for the amazing music they have put out over the years and for the impact that they have left. I would ask Jimmy Page if he could teach me how to play guitar because I have always wanted to do that.
  10. Well my dad was always a big Led Zeppelin fan. I remember the day he bought How The West Was Won about four and a half years ago. That album was and still is amazing. I loved the live version of Rock and Roll. One day I found my dad's Zep collection and i listened to a few songs and I was hooked. I took a Zep hiatus for a while then I listened again and I was hooked. I uploaded all the albums to my computer and I always listened. Then when I got to HS i completed the collection my father started and now I am proud to say I own all their albums. I love everyone in a different way. I will never forget the first time i hear Rock and Roll on How the West Was Won. I hope to pass on my love for Led Zeppelin to my children one of these days.
  11. I own both albums and while they are both great I think that Physical Graffitti takes the cake here. While Exile is great Physical Graffitti is much more memorable. The first disc is just pure greatness. With six amazing songs like those Exile has to do a better job to keep up. The Rover is just amazing and In My Time Of Dying is just spectacular. Houses of the Holy is also a great song. Trampled Underfoot leads up into Kashmir very well. And Kashmir is just well Kashmir. With a first disc as amazing as that it would seem hard to follow up with a great second disc. After all we are talking about Led Zeppelin so they do do a great job on Disc 2 as well. The songs on disc 2 are much different than disc 1. Disc 2 features some slower more tranquile. They are still just as great but different. Bottom line I would recommend this over Exile any day.
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