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    Playing Zeppelin (and other stuff) on guitar (Martin DX-1 acoustic ,Agile Explorer copy and a Gibson "60's faded" tobacco sunburst Les Paul),I paint landscapes once in a blue moon,golf,fish,cheesy 50's&60's sci-fi movies,life long LSU fan
  1. I learn it by playing with the album.... I played it last night...with recorded version and it's in tune to the recoded version...btw my tuning... EAEAC#E... I'm not saying ya can't play it in another key... but if you watch the DVD he has to playing it there EAEAC#E...it's how I learned the solos.
  2. Tobbacco burst "Faded" Les Paul Standard through a Digitech RP90 with headphones or straight into a 15w Vox Valvetronics amp. I have a 50 watt Peavey combo that I run the RP90 through when the need arises.
  3. Page Hendrix Gibbons Clapton SVR Duane Allman.....(all time greatest slide player) Zappa Santana Damn....there is a guy from the 60's that could make a tele talk... a Roy something...(not Orbison)
  4. I have a little Vox 15w valvetronics... Mostly solid state but with a one tube/valve power amp or pre amp,I don't remember which,but which ever,it provides a nice tone with a good selection of amp models and effects... Great practice/beginer amp...
  5. I read somewhere that on When the Levee Breaks he uses a B flat harp. And I wish I knew how or knew some one who could play harmonica...
  6. I didn't mean anything negative concerning you guys not looking like Zeppelin...btw...I'm with you on the music is way more important than the look... As far as the music goes...you guys sound as good or better than most of the ones I see out in cyberland... We have the group Zoso come into town a good bit,two or three times a year....but I've only seen them on clips too....they seem to only play here on Friday nights though...and I bowl on Fridays and couldn't make to see the whole thing. So make sure you book Baton Rouge on a Thursday or Saturday night... I've often thou
  7. 51 I'm suprised at the number of younger fans,not just here but in real life.... But then if the music is timeless shouln't the fans be too...
  8. I'd pay to see ya... You guys ever going to be in Louisiana? I've never seen a LZ tribute band live,seen more than a few vids and heard sound clips of different ones though...other than not trying to copy the look,not bad.
  9. Here's two I found .. . http://guitar.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite...of%5Fdying.html http://guitar.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite...e%5Fbreaks.html
  10. I'm pretty sure they aren't in the same key...the tuning is different according to all the books I've seen. Tuning for Levee = E A C F A C or F A C F A C (I've seen both) Tuning for Time of dying = E A E A C# E
  11. When the Levee Breaks Rock & Roll Misty Mountain Hop Black Dog Stairway... Going to Ca. Battle of... 4sticks in that order.
  12. man... Dazed and Confused, but only because I HAD TO PICK ONE....
  13. The Ocean followed very closely by D'yer Mak'er
  14. Swamp Dog

    What is

    It's hard to pick a favorite album much less song.... but after careful deliberation I pick... (elect.) When the Levee Breaks (acoustic) Boogie With Stu
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