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  1. My list is far too long to add everything to this topic, so I'm just going to say who's on the top of my list-of-current-bands-to-be-left-in-a-locked-room-with-a-hungry-bear: Coldplay The Feeling Razorlight Hard-Fi Oasis There are others which I won't list because I'm already feeling nauseous...
  2. Supernaut - Black Sabbath while I wait for my shared iTunes library to load up.
  3. I'm terrible at taking pictures of myself, but here goes: Older shot of the hair ->
  4. He told Plant what it meant, but he forgot, apparently. (According to Robert Plant, that is)
  5. She's a lurcher, so part greyhound.
  6. This is one pissed off dog: Henrietta.
  7. Rock and Roll is the most fun to play, just 'cos it's fast, exciting and pretty easy to improvise with. However, I voted for Stairway to Heaven, since it's got soul and the most expression.
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