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  1. Ma'at

    Whats your symbol?

    I read that as Carrot Cake, the first time, I probably ought to get a touch more sleep.
  2. Ma'at

    Who Would You Rather See In 09

    I actually voted for the last one. I'd love to see more Zeppelin as much as anyone else here, but Plant's voice just isn't what it used to be.
  3. Well, I was looking at the Gibson USA site product list and it had a big banner across it saying "Discontinued".
  4. Ma'at

    Whats your symbol?

  5. Oh I see. I obviously missed that!
  6. Ma'at

    Amplifier Artwork

    Does anyone else have personalised, decorated amplifiers? This is what's currently on the front of mine (I really need a larger amp for this to look good, but hey):
  7. According to the Gibson website. Does anyone know why? There's no reason specified as far as I can see.
  8. Ma'at


    It's more half and half though, you've got the posh lot who pronounce it properly, but fall down on the word "scone".
  9. Ma'at

    Collapsible Electric Guitar

    It would sort of defeat the purpose of having one, wouldn't it?
  10. Ma'at


    Considering I pretty much had to learn overnight, it was surprisingly easy to get into. I'll give the thinner picks a try, I have (access to) a solid silver plectrum which is quite thin, but obviously a lot tougher. Apparently your meant to play with a tortoise shell one, but I have a thing about cutting up endangered species for an instrument...
  11. Ma'at

    The Worst Band Ever

    My list is far too long to add everything to this topic, so I'm just going to say who's on the top of my list-of-current-bands-to-be-left-in-a-locked-room-with-a-hungry-bear: Coldplay The Feeling Razorlight Hard-Fi Oasis There are others which I won't list because I'm already feeling nauseous...
  12. Ma'at

    Collapsible Electric Guitar

    It must be a pain in the arse to keep that thing in tune. And surely when you fold it, you'd never quite get the neck in the same place twice.
  13. Ma'at


    Yeah, I figured that out right away, I was wondering about techniques, recommendations for plectrums (Currently using a 2mm plastic pick, seems to work alright) etc.
  14. Ma'at


    I was handed this two days ago and told to learn to play it, as part of a play. For two days with a brand new instrument I'm not doing badly (Battle of Evermore is a lot easier with the right instrument!) but does anyone has any useful tips that might be of use? PS. You'll have to excuse the poor photo quality, I can take good photos of anything but myself, it would seem!
  15. Ma'at

    Your favorite Jimmy guitar

    I'd be more than willing to take it off your hands then.