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  1. here's another thing i found a long time ago, this sketch was in a book of dali paintings and sketches. i have the book somewhere but can't find it right now, this was a copy i made and stuck inside the "presence" lp. once again, apologies if this has been posted before, i haven't seen it when i search.
  2. I don't know if this has ever shown up here, I did a quick search and didn't find anything. I posted this on a facebook site a few weeks ago but figured I should post it here as well. This is what I assume to be the inspiration for the "Presence" cover, from the August 1956 edition of National Geographic. This photo appeared on page 209 in an article titled "Boom on San Francisco Bay." I found it many years ago while flipping through old magazines.
  3. one of my favorite things was a camera angle that's not available on the bootlegs. there was a camera right in front of the bass drum so when they gathered around the drums (which they did a lot) you can really see the eye contact and interplay between them. one thing i loved about the 02 concert was how close together the musicians were. they didn't have some massive stones style stage with runways and gimmicks, and even as big as the stage was they generally stayed close and really interacted with each other. maybe this was due to it being a one off, maybe if they were on a long tour they wouldn't need to pay such close attention, but i was really happy to see it in such detail in the movie.
  4. did anyone else catch the credits at the end? jake holmes receives a credit for "inspiration" for "dazed and confused."
  5. i just saw "celebration day" in atlanta. jake holmes receives a credit (i believe it was for "inspiration") for "d+c."
  6. And here's some trivia: in 1973 Led Zeppelin played on the site of your conception!
  7. Thanks Virginia! I liked your Atlanta reminiscences in the video link. I grew up in Marietta in the 70s and I can remember when Johnson's Ferry was like a country road. It's really changed since then, I can only imagine what it was like in the 50s. And then in the 80s my friends and I were in a suburban neighborhood right off Johnson's Ferry, wearing out a VHS copy of that movie, little knowing that the princess was in the same town. Small world!
  8. thanks strider, your concert poets are some of my favorites on this forum. i know how trudy felt during the bow solo. i saw the firm at the omni in atlanta in 85 and 86, and both times i was struck by how evil the bow solo sounded. i knew the srts version and tons of bootleg versions note for note, but to hear it live in an arena was something quite different. the concrete floor literally vibrated under our feet, and you heard and felt high and low frequencies that you just don't hear when you listen to a recording. like your great description of bonham and jones' tones, you felt the bass in your guts, and the screeching highs could induce vertigo. people who didn't see it live will not understand how LOUD it was! in 85 my best friend was with me and we looked at each other and said the same thing, "evil!" we were fourteen and fifteen at the time, and it was the relatively mild and well lit firm (although there was a laser pyramid). i can only imagine how zeppelin with all the heightened drama, lights, fog and vibes must have appeared to an eleven year old girl. and as for the naysayers who doubt that a ten year old could be so affected, i doubt that they realize the atmosphere of the time. i think kids grew up faster then, just based on the kids i knew in the later 70s and the cultural references that i know. look at the age of the "new generation" of groupies that were around then. when you're young and sober you remember everything, and if it's something as important as a rock concert (let alone a zep concert) it sticks with you forever. my first concert was ozzy osbourne in 1983, i was thirteen and i could still describe it in detail as you have if it was worth it. but it's not! thanks again strider, and all the others who chime in with the detailed minutia of the times. it really makes me feel like i was there.
  9. i have the original vogel auction printed out, he wanted $30,000 for it at first.
  10. Wasn't there a story about Plant, Page and Clapton standing together backstage at Live Aid and Madonna came through escorted by her security guards? Apparently they were telling everyone to get out of their way and they got to the trio and said "move it guys, MADONNA'S coming through." Our heros all stood still and Clapton said "you must be joking."
  11. Weird! The guitar player from Space Cookie has that same dog in a picture on his myspace!
  12. "unfortunately the sunshine woman bbc session master tape was destroyed. the only version available is an am radio recording. " I wouldn't mind if this was cleaned up and released, although Page might not want to release something of that quality. I'm thinking of the Beatles Anthology and BBC collections, some of that early stuff was extremely primitive but they released it anyway just for historical reasons.
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