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  1. Here' s the news, in summary...John Henry Bonham is dead, as has been pointed out previously on this very thread. They were actually onstage with him.All this" I'm a drummer you know.." stuff looks a little over-assertive[and, paradoxically, insecure but the 2 traits do go together, I'm told,]to say the least. He drummed. You didn't. He did it his way. Cue Paul Anka... Totally agree with you. While watching the clips from O2, Jason without any doubt in my mind did his dad proud. And as far as him not being the same person as his dad, neither are RP, JP & JPJ the same as they were back in the day. So Jason's having a different style of playing than his mentor only makes him fit right in with the band. Lets be honest and face the realities of life. Every one matures as the years pass & with that there is always change. Aside from the void left with BONZO's passing, they, as Plant stated in 1 of his interviews, you can't go back to what is was, So I say forget going back, it will never happen, just move forward. To me it looked liked they were love'n it, being on stage and jamming together. As for Jason's double bass petal.......... I could give a shit if he used 2 sticks in each hand to get the sound he wants!!!!! What ever it takes so be it. Why the fuss????
  2. I totally agree with you 100%. This question stirs up a lot of emotions, on one hand should there even be a comparison, on the other does Jason fill dads shoes better than anyone can? Like you said, I too would only feel that Zeppelin could still be Zeppelin if Jason was on the sticks. That seat is sacred, and can only be passed on to the one taught and nurtured by the greatest drummer ever "John Henry Bonham", and that is Jason. I remember back in 1980 when my dreams of finally seeing them in concert were snatched away with the tragic news of Bonzo's passing, although heart broken I was total content with the bands decision to not tour. After all they were no long truly Led Zeppelin. May he rest in peace as his legacy lives on in his music and our souls.
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