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  1. Here' s the news, in summary...John Henry Bonham is dead, as has been pointed out previously on this very thread. They were actually onstage with him.All this" I'm a drummer you know.." stuff looks a little over-assertive[and, paradoxically, insecure but the 2 traits do go together, I'm told,]to say the least. He drummed. You didn't. He did it his way. Cue Paul Anka... Totally agree with you. While watching the clips from O2, Jason without any doubt in my mind did his dad proud. And as far as him not being the same person as his dad, neither are RP, JP & JPJ the same as they were
  2. Truthfully I did not get to see them in the 70's, all i have is vids and the movie TSRTS. Lets be honest here, if they were to tour and when I go to the concert I'm not going to delude myself and expect to see the great Zeppelin like they were in the 70's. But still all in all it would be a dream come true just being in the same venue as they are. I can live with what live performances I have on tape,CD and PC. Would love to see them do all the numbers not done live before. Also want to see Jason get down on a little solo roll, but to expect the Zepp that once was is absolutely insane. And if
  3. These polls are tough, as picking one song above all others is torture. There are many favorites, each one having its own reason and meaning for me. I've been a fan for 30 some odd years now and at one time or another every 1 of their songs has been in my #1 spot, it always depended on what was going on in my life at that time. So I picked You Shook Me cause they really do, no band ever rock & rolled like them.
  4. The Garden should be were they kick off the tour. No one rocks as hard as NY fans. After all the movie Song Remains The Same was from that tour in the Garden 1973 and it kicks ass!
  5. I totally agree with you 100%. This question stirs up a lot of emotions, on one hand should there even be a comparison, on the other does Jason fill dads shoes better than anyone can? Like you said, I too would only feel that Zeppelin could still be Zeppelin if Jason was on the sticks. That seat is sacred, and can only be passed on to the one taught and nurtured by the greatest drummer ever "John Henry Bonham", and that is Jason. I remember back in 1980 when my dreams of finally seeing them in concert were snatched away with the tragic news of Bonzo's passing, although heart broken I was total
  6. I just posted this on another site so I just copied it to here. This is my second request to the greatest band of all time asking them to please do a tour , I just recently found out that my youngest is into Zepp!!! She is 17 and lives in southwest Georgia with her mom and two older brothers. My first posting was for myself, where I gave my own selfish reasons for wanting to get to see them, now my reasons have changed . Once again as they have so many times in the past, Led Zeppelin has touched, changed and influenced my life in so many ways. As my ex-wife and I have been divorced for 13
  7. I am amazed at the amount of young Zepp fans there are. I think it is awesome that these young fans truly recognize shear talent and greatness when they hear it. I have 3 kids, 2 boys - 24 & 21, not really into Zepp, although I tried, 1 girl 17......now without any influence on my part I have just learned she really likes Zepp! I'm ecstatic about this, had no idea. Her mom, 2 brothers and her have been living in Georgia now for the past 13 years. I live in NYC. Although we talk on the phone and IM, E-mail.......ect visit 2-3 times a year, Zepp never came up till just this weekend. Found ou
  8. Just a few of my favorites Hey Hey What Can I Do - love the story, great sound (things don't always go the way you want). Hots On For Nowhere - just a great tune Royal Orleans - Mardi Gras? What can I say. For me this jam is KICK'n Traveling Riverside Blues - love blues'n when I'm cruis'n The Crunge - got to love it. A tribute to the god father of soul Thank You - beautiful ballad
  9. My favorite album to listen to and totally wreck my voice to is "The Song Remains The Same" I did vote though, So very hard to pick 1 as they are all in my top ten. I have all but CODA on vinyl and missed UPS this morning delivering the complete studio box set, Song Remains The Same..........also have the order in for the new release Song Remains The Same on HD-DVD due out March 18th. Can't wait to watch that on my new 47" Aquos....Yeah.
  10. Can anyone really own "THE BLUES"?
  11. Truthfully I would be very happy with them doing what ever their gonna do. Don't matter to me, seen Song Remains the Same a few hundred times, the live performans are burned into brain till the day I die. Will always be the way I see them.......Kind of like to see them do some of their bluesier cuts (Muddy Waters)...... Hots on for nowhere.... Hey Hey What Can I Do...Candy Store Rock....Royal Orleans ect. as far as Stairway goes.......PLAYED. heard that 1 at least ##.....shit PLAYED.
  12. Funny thing bout moms, physical evidence not required. She knew me & my brother got high (munch, munch & munch), but never found my stash cause never needed 1, all recreational pharmaceuticals were copped & administered post haste. lol. After dinner 6-8 friends met on the corner chipped in $2 each, $5 nickle bag (8-10) fatties after cleaning....6-7 Quarts OE 800,, Boom box cranking out metal "head" to the park to Rock'n while we were Roll'n all night long... (well till curfew anyway). Now the weekend's!!..I'll leave that 4 another time.
  13. First of all, I am very pleased to see that there are still young rocker out there. Especially ones who know a good (GREAT) band when they here 1. I've been "Rock & Roll"n since the summer of 75, I was 14 when my brother bought "Physical Graffiti" and asked me to play it on my brand new, sansui 9090db stereo, kick ass & loud @ 125w per channel. Well I was at first hesitant as, I'm ashamed to say, only disco was played on my equipment. I felt that hard load rock he liked would hurt or blow out my speakers,but he persisted and I gave in. The rest was history, all my disco records flew o
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