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  1. fretting out while bending means your truss rod needs adjusting. You can do it yourself. turn it one way in TINY increments and if it gets worse go the other direction. You may need to adjust your intonation at the bridge if you've had to make a large truss rod twea..or changed string gauges lol should have read the whole thread!
  2. PJ Slocum

    Story Time

    ...the world is a golf ball...
  3. Deuteronomy...I'm gonna call my next band that..and sing about SATAN Real or Imaginary?
  4. The way it's headed only the rich will have access to preventive health care...in the gov's eyes poor/middle class are "undesireables", especially if they happen to be elderly or have a chronic condition(see "drain on the system"). They are obsessed with Eugenics and population reduction, that's the part they aren't telling you.
  5. All media outlets are manipulating liars...They trade in 2 things..Anger and FEAR...which blinds people to the true nature of things So none of this should suprise anybody...It's all about creating divisions
  6. All of the stupid ones were taken
  7. well who is Crist?...do you mean Christ and can't spell it? I'm laughing so hard at you right now!
  8. Who said I care? Hell in his shoes I prolly would have done the same!!! Why spend the last 2 months of the campaign with some crusty old gray haired man when you can "strategize" until the wee hours of the morning with her..she's a real looker I mean he's gonna lose anyway why not enjoy himself...first thing he's done in this election I agree with!
  9. What bothers me is that he met this woman yesterday and thinks it prudent to put her a heartbeat away from the presidency..little head thinkin for the big one there McCain?
  10. Haha forget it, no election this year, we'll get hit by 3 hurricanes at once(lol CRAZY I know), or Israel will nuke Iran or something to prompt Georgie to declare martial law, march us all to the camps and crown himself king! whoopeeee we're all gonna die!
  11. WOW THANKS BRO I'm painting mine dark blue with a big star(GO COWBOYS) I'll finally be able to go out in public without looking like an idiot
  12. lololol..no need to read the rest. You can't honestly believe she is qualified to take over if he were to croak the day after the inauguration, can you? Moot point anyway McCain has no chance
  13. What is the point of citing a dozen sources claiming they are when just as many can be found claiming they are not? I'll be the first to admit it's a ridiculous claim, but it would explain alot now wouldn't it? In fact I wish it was that simple(it's a fact that a great many of them are related, not only to each other but to British Royalty...just how many is determined by as you say, how far back you are willing to look). It would be actually comforting to be able to definitively explain it with "Old money rules this country and they keep it in the family" because the alternatives could be som
  14. whoa..beautiful dog. The girl is nice looking too, awesome cheekbones your sig is HUGE
  15. Let's just say it's seriously damaging to my faith in either the people or the system and I choose to give the people a break
  16. lol 2 Bush terms isn't evidence?, And beyond that I can't imagine the super rich elite putting their political futures in the hands of the dumbed down American public, a large percentage of which can't find Georgia on a map(forget the country...I'm talking about the STATE!!!lol) on further reflection 2 Bush terms supports, rather than refutes the idea that the idiot public is in fact calling the shots here My faith is restored, and I like you won't be voting for either party candidate...I'm sending in a write in for this guy:
  17. pet peeve?..pics that force me to scroll sideways, bad enough in posts, unforgivable in sigs
  18. Hey Uncle Bill, I think one is as bad as the other..Obama is probably even more dangerous since McCain will spend half the day looking for his shoes and won't have time to fuck as much stuff up. But I AM convinced the whole thing is rigged and the losing ticket is a political graveyard...This is not an honor for this woman, it's the kiss of death..a formal write-off from the GOP. She'll have to step down in Alaska and her career in public service is finished. Of course there is every possibility that my logic is flawed but the result will more than likely be exactly what I predict. Fla
  19. Losing tickets is where the parties send those who have outlived their usefulness or are a liability in some way to die. By January these two will have faded into obscurity, it happens to virtually all of them (Lieberman is the exception.. )..and Al Gore of course...he went on a 25 cheeseburger a day diet to keep from disappearing(bovine flatulence is a major cause of global warming dude ) lets face it this ticket is the trash heap of the GOP
  20. Tell me you didn't see this coming a mile away. You are correct tho
  21. The title of this thread is the next president will be?..not who are you going to vote for? lol thanks for reminding me!!!(I was determined to carry on about every conspiracy theory I could think of and had forgotten about that one!) oh btw hi Rick ...it's a little early in the day to be drinking isn't it?
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