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  1. now that is the sort of couch potato I could live with!
  2. Dzldoc, not talking about the US mail service since I live in Finland. aliens are a real and frightening threat to our mail!
  3. why yes. picture by Bob Harris I believe. (sorry if this one's been posted before) from the Grammys he still DEFINITELY has it.
  4. I don't like putting things in the mail on Fridays. I'm afraid that during the weekend there's a bigger chance for them getting lost.
  5. did someone mention a smile?
  6. they're in my top2 actually but since that wasn't an option I went with top5. sometimes LZ is my favourite, other times it's Pearl Jam. it's a constant "battle" between them two.
  7. it's been a while (too long a while to be honest!) since I've been around here.. but boy, oh boy have you ladies (and gentlemen) made it a pleasure to return! so so many new pictures of our dearest mr. Robert. *dreamy* and just so you know I mean business - a picturous gift from me (don't think I saw this one around here, sorry if I'm mistaken):
  8. yes, and I adore his lips! I find that quite many English/British gentlemen have rather thin lips. I mean, look at mr. Daniel "James Bond" Craig for example! (ok, his lower lip IS "plumper", haha, but I guess you know what I mean.)
  9. Adi! have you fallen from the Heavens? love ALLLLLL the pics. thank ju!
  10. oh I love that.. *coughs* bracelet. this has probably been posted before but it's by far one of my fave pics of him with Allison. I totally wish I was her!!
  11. oh those are just too hot. *giggles* especially the second one.
  12. def-i-nitely. sweet as honey.
  13. that is pure hotness. my gosh. I'll join Lizzy_17 in the blushing club. EDIT: oh and Tetelisa! wow, thank you too. what a beautiful man he is.
  14. me three. I was even covering my mouth. EDIT: this is of course in reference to eternal light and Hotplant mentioning they were doing the same "pose" as Rob in some pics.
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