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  1. i'm 18 now, and i've been into LZ for as long as i can remember. according to my parents, they "stopped listening to music aroun 1968" because that was when "people started to do way too many drugs". anyways, so they are really into the Beatles, but nothing newer. My brothers somehow got into LZ (no idea how, probably kids at high school) and they would play it at home a lot. I listened to zep all the time throughout middle school, but i wouldn't say i was really "into them". when i was about 13, my parents sent me off to summer camp, and before i left, i went over to the shelf where my brother kept all his CDs and grabbed ones i though i'd really like. unfortunately, the only ones i really found wer LZ I, LZ IV and Physical Grafitti. I listened to them for a month straight, over and over and over. i couldn't stop. it was the first time i had heard most of the tracks off of PG. amazing amazing amazing. when i got home i bought EVERYTHING. and from then on i've been obsessed. when i was about 14 i logged onto led-zeppelin.com and that was the first time i actually saw who they were, and read about these 4 amazing people. that was when they officially became my heroes. i honestly can't say what it is. there's just someting about the sound, the feeling. the way Robert's voice sounds, Jimmy's style, Bonzo's style, and JPJ's influence. i have no idea.
  2. Yesterday evening, when I wasn't listening to Led Zeppelin, I flipped on my radio and tuned in to my public radio station. To my surprise, it sounded an awful lot like they were playing one of Bonzo's drum solos from 1977. You know, the awesome part near the end where he started adding all the nifty electronic effects. Why the hell are they playing Led Zeppelin bootlegs on public radio? I thought. My heart started pounding, like any hardcore Zeppelin fan's would. Until the news story came on, and it turned out it was about a scientist is using special sonic equipment to record spiders plucking on the strings of their webs, or in some cases where the spider doesn't have a web, hitting their body parts against the ground. So it made me wonder, with how similar these spiders sounded to John Bonham, was the man we all know so well, actually part spider? what do you think? EDIT: I'm looking online for a recording of this story so everyone can hear the little Bonzo Spiders do their thing.
  3. i have a lot of ear-gasms ok??? let see... the first time i heard zep was 6/9/72 in Charlotte NC.... i was only 12, my bro dragged me along. i wasn't very much into zep back then, but when they walked out on stage blasted out Immigrant Song, i couldn't fucking believe how awesome this band was! and then i was hooked. the only other time i saw them was in 1977 in Greensboro NC. it was Bonzos birthday (and mine too). great show! it wasn't until a few years ago that i got into listening to bootlegs though. and i never saw TSRTS until probably the early 1990s.
  4. yeah.. yeah.. VIENNA gave me a fucking ear-gasm the first time i heard it. and offenburg is amazing too! ok fine. its too hard to decide!
  5. hehehe, at least i'm born on Bonzo's birthday. we celebrate together you know... just him, me, and his thunderous drums shaking the dishes in my cupboards. happy 40th birthday Led Zeppelin, and thank you!
  6. but TSRTS is cut up and stitched back together again.. and even then its still not as amazing!
  7. ah, i see what you mean. ok. i guess my favorites would be the 2 1972 california shows you mention. i just love the medleys, Jimmy is on fire, and Robert's performances on those nights are the best of his career in my opinion. second for me, would probably be Vienna 1973. for me, that is Jimmy's best night ever, and its just an amazing performance of the song overall. knebworth 8/4 is awesome too, but i really prefer the earlier versions with all the great medleys.
  8. i think if i could see ALL of those shows, i'd gladly give up living. might i have a problem?
  9. well duh... of course YOU would be recording the show!
  10. ok, i'm talking, if you could go to ANY concert in history, but just one. it's hypothetical here so time travel is a possibility.
  11. I was just thinking about this hypothetical situation today... Would you give up your entire bootleg collection for a chance to see Led Zeppelin perform live, one time? I think I would, but it would probably be the hardest decision of my life.
  12. well i guess that's what it is about music, people have different tastes. for me, in a lot of the '75 performances i wouldn't even consider what Robert does "singing", but if you see it differently that's ok. and i don't want to rip on robert because it's not his fault, he's still my absolute favorite singer of all time.
  13. June 25th 1972, Los Angeles. No wait, already done... nevermind. and I second the fact that you can't mix and match tracks from different shows, that would be awful. i always try to listen to entire bootlegs when i listen to them, otherwise you just have 50 copies of the same song, which is dumb. you have to get into the performance, imagine you're there... become part of the experience.
  14. it was recorded in a BBC studio. and there are simply too many recordings of WLL out there to pick a "best".
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