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  1. well i guess that's what it is about music, people have different tastes. for me, in a lot of the '75 performances i wouldn't even consider what Robert does "singing", but if you see it differently that's ok. and i don't want to rip on robert because it's not his fault, he's still my absolute favorite singer of all time.
  2. the issue i have with the later versions is not just that he sang lower, but that he changed the melody, and it just sounds bad. its actually hard for me to listen to those later performances.
  3. Guitarist: 1. John Mclaughlin 2. Jimmy Page 3. Eric Clapton 4. Jimi Hendrix 5. Robert Johnson Drummer: 1. John Bonham 2. Billy Cobham 3. Roy Haynes 4. Keith Moon 5. Krupa Singer (oh what the hell): 1. Robert Plant 2. Little Robert Anthony 3. Percy
  4. i think the first time they played it live was 6/19/72, and 6/25 was the 2nd time they ever played it live. i was at the 5/9/72 show in Charlotte and they didn't play it.
  5. HAHAHA, dude! that's probably the funniest post I've ever seen!!! but fyi not all those dates have OTHAFA.
  6. i'm not a huge fan of the song from 2/12/75. Robert's voice was really off during that show. i only like the 1972 versions, where Robert can really hit the high notes. after '72 i just hate the vocal part... my absolute favorite is from 6/25/72 LA.
  7. on 6/21/77 after Battle of Evermore didn't he say something like "the guy that tunes Jimmy's guitar is from scottland, and he always tends to tune it in Scottish" ?
  8. this is a good one: Vienna 3/16/73. "Thank you, danke schön. It's very nice to be here in Vienna. Very nice. You people got some good groupies. [long pause] Um, this is a song about, uh, this is a song off the new album which comes out sometime this year. The LP is called Houses of the Holy. We all hope you'll rush out and look at a copy. And this is a song about little school girls... and uh, not too little mind you... not.. too little.. and uh, my love for them. Remembering what happened to Jerry Lee Lewis... I think I'll take it easy. Mr. Bonham there, 200 pounds. Dancing Days!" woah there robert, we know what you're thinking about, lol!
  9. cool. but his wikipedia page does say its a cello bow... not that that's credible at all. as a violinst, i always wince when he's whacking that thing against the guitar and tearing all the hairs off of it. i always hoped he wasnt using expensive quality bows. my bow is my pride and joy, i paid about $2300 for it.
  10. I just wanna know if jimmy uses a cello bow, or a violin bow, or both? i keep reading its a cello bow, but it really looks like a violin bow from what i've seen (and i'm a violinist). it looks way to thin and slender to be a cello bow. so can anyone give me some proof about which one it is, maybe a quote from Jimmy about it? it just seems like it would be harder to use a cello bow the way jimmy does, because its much bulkier and heavier. maybe he needed the extra weight to get a good sound. can anyone that plays a guitar with a bow comment? violin or cello?
  11. the thing i always wondered is if he says "take my body home" or "take my boy home". in the studio version it sounds like "boy" but live it always sounds like "body"
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