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  1. you could call it... Trans-Plant. The Band Formally Known As Led Zeppelin Lead Zippline The Old Yardbirds Led Wallet and the Penny-Pinchers The Green Bay (Arena) Packers Three and A Half Men I dont mean any dissrespect to the band. Its just funny all this is happening. I wish and would rather see them get together with Robert, write new song and just tour with them, to make all them all happy, rather than a Robert without the magician and Jimmy without the shinning golden god.
  2. Hey I know this is a long shot but I'm an college student majoring in audio engineering and production. Im moving to Nashville and I want to form a serious gigging band. I play guitar and Im looking for a singer and drummer, I already possibly have a bassist. Im doing this because Id like to start practicing ASAP and I figure If I could get someone off this site we would have similar musical backgrounds. Just post or PM me back if your interested.
  3. Im finishing up some songs Ive been working on and I'm about to move to Nashville to work on an audio engireering career. Once Im down there Ill hopefully get a band together and start getting some gigs, I play guitar.
  4. I don't see anything wrong with smoking something that was growing naturally anyways. Ive seen a lot more people ruin their life with alcohol than just smoking grass. It does usually put you in a situation to try something harder, but people still can just say no. Just let people live their own lives. And you can tell Rolling Stone Magazine that my last words were I'm on drugs... I dig music...and I'm on drugs.
  5. Id post one of myself here but I cant figure out how. Any help??
  6. TALKING ABOUT SHOWING THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME TO PEOPLE I have a friend where I go to college at who is as big into rap as I am rock. We are always fighting (jokingly) about which is better. One night I made him watch TSRTS. During the bow solo on Dazed and Confused I herad him get up, go to the window, and start puking. I told him I was sorry, I forgot that he had no experience with rock music and to just get thrown into Led Zeppelin was to much for him to handle and his body reacted (That is what I tell him lol, it might have been the heavy toking before hand that left him dazed and confused lol) It was hillarious, we both get good laughs about it still. We have a class together this January and get this, Its called rock, rap, revolution where we study the way music effects society. It a winter term class during the month of January and its the only class I have for that month and its only 2 hours a day 5 days a week. Needless to say im really exicted for it.
  7. I wont be watching the olympics for the reason that it just doesnt interest me. Now If I had tickets to see some of the events live I would definantly go. I like the X Games a million times better, Im waiting for a bananna board competition to open up and maybe get the gold, or some Acapulco gold at least.
  8. Im 19. Is there a Led Zep revival going on...I think so( not that it ever or will ever die). The world is ready. lol
  9. Dude I understand you completely. I have had trouble actually listening to a SONG because I break it up into parts to listen to guitar, timing, vocal melodies, its like I cant see (hear) the forest (song) because of the trees (music)
  10. WOW the 63 dano is a super sweet guitar. Ive been playing it for awhile now and dont see any problems with it and for 300 bucks you cant beat it. Go Danelectro.
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, Led Zeppelin fans are the greatest people in the world. Even famous people who like Zep just seem cooler than the rest (Ex. Jack Black, Dave Grohl). I havent got my LPs in yet, they will probably be here around Thursday, but I have a problem. I dont know what should be the first Zep song I should EVER hear on vinyl. Im thinking about just putting LZ I on and letting it play, hearing it first like everyone one else did back in the day. Also I am a guitar player/singer (guitar player first) and the first song I ever learned from beginning to end was Stairway To Heaven, I took me 6 months to learn it on my own (I never had any music training) and it has always had a special place in my heart. Maybe Bring It On Home, or The Rain Song, or Thank You, Kasmir, Over The Hills And Far Away, Dazed and Confused, I just really dont know. Toss your opinions my way and maybe a story of your first vinyl Zep encounter.
  12. Ive posted on this site but have never said hello, so here it is. My name is Kyle and Im from West Virginia, USA. I wanted to post this somewhere so I figure this would be a good time, Im only 19 so I missed the Zep heyday, along with the heyday of LPs, but today I just bought a turntable from Circuit City and LZ I, II, IV, HOTH, PG, and Presence other with Principle of Moments on vinyl from eBay. I have a lot of the other Zep albums on CD but Im really excited about kicking back and listen to the vinyls in my dorm room. Happy trails.
  13. Not exactly a rockstar but Willie Nelson would be awesome.
  14. If I could do shrooms then ride around on a horse and pretend Im a celtic hero like Robert did, man, that would be awesome.
  15. I went to my local music yesterday and saw this funny shaped, old school danelectro guitar sittin there. The night before, I watched the Royal Albert Hall video where Jimmy is using his Danelectro, so I decided to try it out and was completly blown away. This thing feels great and the lipstick pickups were amazing. They are wired different than my telecaster so when I put the switch in the middle postition it got louder rather than quieter like it does on teles, a cool little thing. I was playing Bring It On Home and the guy at the store said "Led Zeppelin nice", then a lil later I was playing Whole Lotta Love and a little kid came up to me and asked if I could play Stairway so I started playing it and explaining it to him about how I might get kicked out for playing it, this younger generation just doesnt understand(and Im saying this as a 19 year old) I was amazed by this guitar so I looked at the price tag to see how expensive it is and WOW, what I was guessing to be a 600- 700 dollar guitar (way out of my price range) was listed for 299.99. I am going back tomarrow to pick it up. Does anyone else have Danelectros out there??
  16. Watch The Rain Song from TSRTS in the right state of mind...to me it "paints a somewhat forgotten picture of true completeness, in the manner of which our forefathers were very used to."
  17. If you go see a Krauss/Plant show youll know exactly what he is trying to do... make GREAT music and have fun along the way. This is just my opinion but I think Robert has always had a soft spot in his heart for female folk/bluegrass singers (ex. Joni Mitchell) and now he is making music with one of the best. I really like the Plant/Krauss pairing and I hope they do make another album and tour again.
  18. This is my thought on the whole Led Zeppelin reunion. On September 25, 1980 Led Zeppelin was over. The band released this "We wish it to be known that the loss of our dear friend and the deep sense of undivided harmony felt by ourselves and our manager, have led us to decide that we could not continue as we were." September 25, 1980 was the last day of Led Zeppelin. The reunion shows have not been the real Led Zeppelin, I mean how could it be without Bonzo on the drums. I like Jason and he is a great drummer, but he is not the man you see clapping along to "Bring It On Home" with a cig in his mounth during the Royal Albert Hall footage. Bonzo is the only drummer for Led Zeppelin. I want to see Robert, Jimmy, and John Paul on stage together just as much as anyone else but it wouldnt be the same as when they were the kings of the world standing outside the Starship in the 1970's. Since I was born in 1989 i missed the chance of seeing Zep live, but I did get to see Robert and Alison 7/18/08 and I was amazing and I can see that Robert is happy and that is all that really matters. He spent all his life giving to us and who are we to demand that he quits touring with Alison, which would be a huge mistake because their music is great and Im looking forward to a second album. I am just embracing the little bit of the Led Zeppelin legacy that has came around in my time and really appreciate Robert still performing. Either way I will be one of the first to order either Led Zeppelin reunion tickets or Plant/Krauss tickets. Get the Led out.
  19. My best gig Ive ever played I didnt even know was coming. I was sitting around my college jamming with a one of my friends who is a huge Bob Dylan fan and we just started playing and people started listening and gitting into it, it was pretty aweosme. Another good gig a played was at a bar two weeks ago and we just played Whole Lotta Love and some guys yelled for me to play the solo again. The worst gig I played I was just starting out and the singer forgot all the words and the drummer kept dropping his sticks, needless to say Im not in that band anymore.
  20. Tickets to Rupp Arena on ticketmaster: $170 Gas to get there: $100 T- Shirt: $30 Hearing Robert Plant say "Of all the things you could be doing on a Friday night, you're here in Lexington, Kentucky kicking ass": PRICELESS I dont even know how to begin describing what I saw the evening of July 18. I guess I'll start from the begining as soon as I walked into the arena. The first thing I noticed was the split between the Robert Plant fans and the Alison Krauss fans, the difference was noticable. There was a lot of Zep t shirts and dress shirts all mixed together. I was wearing a shirt with the patches on it (Robert's symbol was on my left arm and Jimmy's on my right) But anyway the concert was incredible. This was the first time I had ever seen Robert live and he rocked the house. There is nothing wrong with the way he sings he can still do it, he hasnt lost a thing. He would even start giving a little of the old Zeppelin battle cry and whip his hair around and dance a move on stage, it was great. They opened with Rich Woman and moved on through most of Raising Sand and some of their other hits, they ALL were fantastic, but Ill just list the ones that really blew me away. In The Mood was amazing, his voice was flawless throughout the night and it really shined on this song. At the end he dedicated it to Ronnie Wood lol. Black Dog was awesome with the new arangment and it was awesome going crazy with everyone when the whole arena reconized what was coming. Fortune Teller was great, he hit everything perfect and the lights were awesome. Alison did great to. Her vocie gave me chills through the whole show. My favorite thing she sang alone the whole night was Wildwood Flower. The song that will stick with me the rest of my life and has made me want to play music even more was The Battle of Evermore. They played a slower song before TBOE so everyone was sitting down and I happy to say that I was the first one around me or maybe in the whole arena that stood up when the mandolin kick into the opening riff. The way it was arranged they sang a certain part in a different key and it was amazing. This was my first live encounter with the mysticism of Led Zeppelin and it blew me away. Alison was perfect for Sandy Denny's part and Robert sang it perfect. During "The sunlight blinds his eyes" a white light rose across the first row all the way to the last row then Robert broke into Bring it back and completly rocked it. The whole concert was amazing and it was the greatest night of my life so far and will only be replaced when I get married and my kids are born, it would then be the third greatest night of my life. The Robert Plant, Alison Krauss combination is electric and has given me a whole new musical direction to aim for. This is my favorite group of all time because they have came out in my lifetime, play music that I really like, I was able to buy a new cd that was great, and I got to see them live on their first tour. I am from West Virginia so I have always loved folk music and rock and roll and Raising Sand delivers everything Id ever want and more. I would like to put my bid in for the president of the Robert Pant, Alison Krauss fan club!!! All the haters of the Plant/Krauss combination really need to see this show before they say anything because they are GREAT!!! Im hoping for another tour!!!! (with special guests Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, now that would be awesome)
  21. I dont see myself ever getting tired of Stairway. Each time I listen to it I find something else to the song or a meaning of a lyric. Like just the other day I figuired out what the "Our shadows taller than our souls" part meant to me. If hes looking " to the west" he would see his shadow large than him if the sun was rising in the east. So to me it means a new start or a new day. Thats what is cool about stairway and all the other Led Zeppelin songs are that you can listen to them over and over and find something new. I was playing at a bar just the other day and my band took a break so I was just goofing around and hit the first few notes of Stairway and the place went quiet so I continued to play and they listened to my solo electric version of Stairway and when I was finished some guy yelled out to play the solo again so I did and everyone seemed to really like it and I got a lot of rock ons. Stairway will probably be around forever. The only time I really skip a Zep song is if I really want to hear another song on the album, other than that if I have time I let the whole thing play. I think you have to listen to a whole album so see where a band is at that point and I wouldn't want people skipping over my songs and not giving them a chance so I give Zep the same respect. I LOVE every song on LV III, IV, and HOTH, these get played through all the time.
  22. LOL I had no clue what the onion was till now .....
  23. Can I come with you, lets meet at Rivendell. lol
  24. Sorry if this is a repost or it is wrong but I googled it and it came up in several spots... i cant belive that this is real... Led Zeppelin Bumber Stickers Can Get Your Car Searched
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