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    I am myself and I never try to act like anyone else. It\'s because I\'ve never wanted to be anyone but me. Only true friend\'s would understand such conceptual breezings.<br />~~<br />\\\"People\\\'s dreams- their real dreams, <br />as opposed to those hallucinations of<br />sleep which come or not, just as they<br />will-end at different times.\\\"<br />-The Dark Half
  1. It doesn't take an engineer to figure out the more you have to hide the more makeup you put on. To do it for more than 8 hours a day makes you wonder.
  2. I want my knob polished
  3. I love Led Zeppelin because they fuckin rock. Simple/succinct...
  4. You know you have a very good point there. They shared the stage very nicely, never gave it much thought. I heard the term rock gods was started because of Zeppelin. But someone said it came about because of Clapton.
  5. Well. I will take the time to rephrase that and say it counts as an Led Zeppelin album. If all of it were done with just a few outtakes of Bonz tossed in I would have to say no! But as it is exactly the inversion on the above I think it was a good go at it. After all it gave us all a bit more Zep which is what everyones after anyways. Cheers>
  6. Damn that looks fun. Gotta go, gotta go. The beach and Zeppelin. YES!
  7. CODA counts. I think it was one way the band said goodbye to Bonham. Thusly the name CODA
  8. She is a cutie. Looks like she's going under cover lol.
  9. Can I use her for an umbrella?
  10. I wish we could all see it that way. Everyone thinks they have a right to disrespect others and hurt just because they think they can get away with it. I think much of it's about the basic nuclear family actually melting down instead of acting like a family. What I mean is give and take instead of everything being about number one. Which makes what you said about watching the kids a perfectly good point. How many guys will step in and babysit for a few hours? Give and take, give and take.
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