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  1. Three days ago I read an article of an italian music critic that describes Robert Plant like a country man with orgarsmic voice, that has never decided if be like Elvis or like a pre-raphaelite mermaid... ...I agree with the description of His voice...
  2. I really hope so... I hope that he wanted to debunk the movement...I hope that is not a game of a bored rockstar, because, for me, there's nothing to laugh about nazism. I hope that is another provocative rebellion and criticism in classic LZ style... I really hope so...I can't loose the regard in my Gods
  3. Hello Everyone. I know that this question probably is very common, but...i want to share with you my feelings. Today, I saw a photo of Jimmy dressed up like a nazi in a concert of 1977. I don't know why, but...I have never seen it before...and it really desplease me. I always see Led Zeppelin like the Gods of hippy's ideology: the preacers of excesses, but also of messages like the communion with Mother Nature, the brotherhodd...PEACE... Was not Robert "The Prince of Peace" that "embraced the Gloom and walk the night alone"? Why do they do this? To impress people? they didn't need these stratagems to astonish the pubblic... Like satire? O because they were in contempt of the horror of wich that uniform is risponsable? They have never explained that thing? What do you think of? Where did the piper, with his message of peace and brotherhood, go? P.S. scuse me for my bad english.
  4. Scuse me, I don't know the photo is so small , but if you click on it, you can see it larger... I'm a disaster with computer!!! As an apology... ...
  5. Perhaps I'm mad, but I really like this photo...It's so natural...don't know... I see Him like a god, the Golden God and on the stage he shows off all his magic power, his magnificence...and so it's beautiful to see him in ordinary situation...he seems more real... because, sometimes, looking to his photos, I ask me :"but this man, this damned sexy man, with this mind-blowing voice...is true?? Or it's too perfect to be a man...maybe he's an hologram..." Thank world, for giving us Robert Plant!
  6. Walk me out in the morning dew, my honey...

  7. I wake up every morning with "In the light"(PG)...and in the first minute I dream nearly ever to wake up in India, during a red and orange sunrise, with Robert near me smiling and full of peace... ...and when I'm really awake, I'm really really sad..."Where...Where is Plant???"
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