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  1. Three days ago I read an article of an italian music critic that describes Robert Plant like a country man with orgarsmic voice, that has never decided if be like Elvis or like a pre-raphaelite mermaid... ...I agree with the description of His voice...
  2. I really hope so... I hope that he wanted to debunk the movement...I hope that is not a game of a bored rockstar, because, for me, there's nothing to laugh about nazism. I hope that is another provocative rebellion and criticism in classic LZ style... I really hope so...I can't loose the regard in my Gods
  3. Hello Everyone. I know that this question probably is very common, but...i want to share with you my feelings. Today, I saw a photo of Jimmy dressed up like a nazi in a concert of 1977. I don't know why, but...I have never seen it before...and it really desplease me. I always see Led Zeppelin like the Gods of hippy's ideology: the preacers of excesses, but also of messages like the communion with Mother Nature, the brotherhodd...PEACE... Was not Robert "The Prince of Peace" that "embraced the Gloom and walk the night alone"? Why do they do this? To impress people? they didn't need these
  4. Scuse me, I don't know the photo is so small , but if you click on it, you can see it larger... I'm a disaster with computer!!! As an apology... ...
  5. Perhaps I'm mad, but I really like this photo...It's so natural...don't know... I see Him like a god, the Golden God and on the stage he shows off all his magic power, his magnificence...and so it's beautiful to see him in ordinary situation...he seems more real... because, sometimes, looking to his photos, I ask me :"but this man, this damned sexy man, with this mind-blowing voice...is true?? Or it's too perfect to be a man...maybe he's an hologram..." Thank world, for giving us Robert Plant!
  6. Walk me out in the morning dew, my honey...

  7. 1.The Battle of Evermore 2.Going to California 3.Stairway to Heaven* 4.Black Dog 5.Rock 'n' Roll 6.Four Sticks 7.When the Leevee Breaks 8.Misty Mountain Hop * Perhaps put Stairway to Heaven only for third, it's an heresy...This song is a sort of himn for all Led Zep fans...but the first two are so beautiful...I hope my Gods can forgive their Priestess for this impudence!
  8. Every time I listen to Led Zeppelin, I get the impression that the music I'm listening to is not only a mass of notes, but is something of solid, palpable, tangible, like on object... And, moreover, for me, each heartrending note of Page's guitar, each Plant's shout, is full of sensuality, is like a sexual call... Watching their live's videos, I can see the power that is inside each one of Them, a power that is emitted like a primordial force. I'd like to know, if none of you have the same impressions while listening to Them... What are, for you, the best words for describe Their music? F
  9. I have read that, when Robert left his home at 17 because his family didn't approve his career as singer, he went to live with Bonzo and his family for some months. I know that often, when Plant was playing with himself (can you understand me? ), Bohnam's mum came back home and heard percy's moans and shouts...so Bonzo started to cry :"hey, Robert, stop it!!! stop it!!!!!" what a shame!!!
  10. Ehm...978 are days, not hours...scuse me... ehm ehm... ...but when I talk of them I'm really "about to lose my worried mind"!
  11. Well...by comparison with all of you I'm a novice.. Led zeppelin came into my life (for change it forever) in jennuary 2007, so it's about 2 years and 8 months...I listen to them near every days (I'm pratically addicted!! ) so...there are about 978 hours...but I'm gonna improve, I'm only 19...
  12. I wake up every morning with "In the light"(PG)...and in the first minute I dream nearly ever to wake up in India, during a red and orange sunrise, with Robert near me smiling and full of peace... ...and when I'm really awake, I'm really really sad..."Where...Where is Plant???"
  13. I voted Led ZepII, bacause I think that here, on the whole, Plant's voice is almost perfect, a work of art... But, for me, the true vocal pick is Since I've been loving you: Robert voice is so strong and full of despair...his shouts are somenthing that can enter into you and shake your soul...it's a primordial call...
  14. It's so difficult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the whole... SINCE I'VE BEEN LOVING YOU. This song is not only awfully beautiful...it CHANGES MY LIFE about one year ago!!!!!! Thank you my Carrot!!!
  15. I'm lookin' for a name for a rock band... They make cover of groups like Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jethro Tull... (they wish they could do also our dear Led Zeppelin, but...who can sing like Plant???? AAAAAAAAHHH!!! ) Do you have any ideas? I think of a quotation by some rock song.... Help me guys!!! Thank you so much!!!!!
  16. In my case it's easy to understand the motivation of my name: I'M THE PRIESTESS OF LED ZEPPELIN!!!! They are my Gods and so, I'm consacreted to Them and I cherish the secrets of Their worship!!! And for what concerne TCNA... it's a too long and sweet story!!!
  17. Hello! I'm Margherita and I'm italian, so excuse me for my bad english, and, if you want, correct me when I'm wrong. Inspite of the handicap of language, I want to write here in the name of my love for Led Zeppelin. Now I'm 18 years old, but I wish I could live my youth in 70's. Do you immagine how can you feel going to Woodstock in 1969???? Ohhhhhh!!! For these reason I define my self "Hippie" (out of time, i know...). In fact, I love peace, flowers, colours, long gipsy skirts, I love LOVE!!!! I love my new, amazing, marvellous acoustic guitar, and the one (a little bit unhinged) wi
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