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  1. You are correct that it does consist of 4/4 5/4 transitions. They had trouble playing it right in the studio until bonham figured out it works if he ignores the change in time.
  2. I love wolfmother!! i love his voice on Apple Tree and Dimension especially. Although live, he has a tendency to sound like a sheep in some cases.
  3. There's a very fine line for metal, that when it crosses it, the music has lost all it's sould and passion. A perfect example is Dream Theater. Lord knows they are some amazing musicians, but the music has no feeling or emotion to it. It's not just because it's technical, i dunno, it just loses me there. Metallica is where i draw that line. I'm not a huge fan, but anything heavier than that i don't like. If it's lighter than that, it depends on the band. My tastes in metal go like this: Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Rush (1st album only), etc. Early, slow, heavy, amazing. ...from th
  4. wow. what a shocker. one of my favorites :_( there was always still hope for a waters/gilmour/mason/wright, but not so, now. he will be missed. first Syd, now him.
  5. Led Zeppelin or not, there was going to be an Ahmet Tribute. it turned into a reunion after the idea of the tribute was brought about.
  6. Madonna Ciccone is her birth name. she just took off the last name for the stage.
  7. ahkay. i was just curious, not being insulting or complaining or anything...
  8. ZeppFanForever, why do you start every single post with "hows it goin...[name]", even if its somebody you just replied to already once before?
  9. rock 100.5 in Atlanta just did something similiar, although the songs were voted on by listeners. rock 100.5 plays classic rock, and i mean other stuff you don't always hear on classic rock radio, and newer stuff, from Pearl Jam, foo Fighters, JET, etc. Stairway to Heaven was numero uno, and Free Bird was 2nd.
  10. I <3 Detroit Rock City and The Hollies = upset? i say them and the zombies were UNDERrated.
  11. i always like the Rolling Stones' Wild Horses. and i love Sympathy for the Devil, too. and AC/DC's immortal Big Balls. gotta love that.
  12. yeh, i think the 70's had it best. although i do love my 80's hair bands frankly, i miss the woodstock-era Hendrix flower-power style.
  13. some overrated singers mentioned here: -Thom Yorke. he cannot sing for crap. sounds like he's getting hit in the nuts with a hammer. -Kurt Cobain. unique voice, yes, but people who put him in company with plant, freddie, etc, need to get a brain. good songwriter, though. oh, and i always thought David Bowie was a good singer.
  14. Freddie Mercury Robert Plant Paul Rogers Lou Gramm Roger Daltrey Bruce Dickinson ...all obvious choices but look who we forgot: Ann Wilson = amazing in all ways possible Iggy Pop and the oft-overlooked Cryssie Hynde!
  15. I have a few choices i can't choose between. The Spirit of Radio - Rush I love this song dearly, and the lyrics, which i have memorized, always make me feel something emotional in a good way. 1st choice. Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd It's Only Rock n Roll (But I Like It) - Rolling Stones one of my favorite stones songs. perfectly phrased lyrics. Search and Destroy - the Stooges "I'm a street-walkin' cheetah with a heart full of napalm..." edit: anybody that mentions either Kashmir or Stairway to Heaven shall be severely punished. Yes,
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