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  1. Maybe not exactly but this always reminds me of young Robert...
  2. I will definitely choose "Thank You" for my wedding...plus some other zep songs for the reception and stuff ...
  3. I agree! Are there any more videos of him with a guitar?
  4. obscured

    Random Facts

    Janis Joplin, Jim Morrrison, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Kobain all died at the age of 27. Other famed musicians who died at age 27 include Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, country singer Hank Williams, and Blues pioneer Robert Johnson. Drinking 16 ounces of ice water burns 17.5 Calories to warm the water to body temperature.
  5. ^ is having a good laugh seeing their pictures > feeling excited because I finally bought both Mothership and TSRTS DVD today. I know it's kinda late, but hey, I live in another country.
  6. I voted for both Robert and Jimmy. Jimmy because I think he'll make a good father and I like his overall personality. Robert because I have a feeling we'll get along very well. Plus he has an awesome voice, he's damn hot, and his hair! I can play with it all day!
  7. obscured


    Awesome pics!!!! Thank you!! I haven't seen any of this before. Jimmy Page's face is win!
  8. I was expecting him to play Moby Dick, or if not Bonzo's Montreux. But it didn't happen. That would be great if he did, then we could really see how good he is.
  9. Welcome to the board!
  10. Pray for a DVD Pray for a tour with which I'll get frontrow tickets Be jealous with the people who will be attending the show *sigh*
  11. Will be at school, thinking of how much fun it will be if I'm at the concert... I think I'll watch old zep concerts after that. Oh yeah, will be checking out this board the morning after and read all about how much fun they had which I know will hurt me... :'(
  12. This is HAAAARRDDD!!!! Order changes from time to time too. 1. The Rain Song 2. Thank You 3. That's The Way 4. Kashmir 5. Going To California 6. Tea For One 7. In My Time Of Dying 8. Black Dog 9. Whole Lotta Love 10.1 Dazed and Confused 10.2 Stairway To Heaven (Just had to add another one, sorry. )
  13. Violet. Planning to buy a new one this month... :/
  14. Why do I get the feeling that they'll save it for the last? Or atleast play it when fans ask for an encore?
  15. Sad but true. I bet there are many who only know one or two or maybe just three songs of them. I don't like the ballot thing too much. They better not do it again if those rumored tours are true.
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