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George Harrison getting a Star on Walk of Fame


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So I'm walking up Vine St. this morning and I notice a crowd

gathering around the entrance to the Capitol Records building

along with the tell-tale sign of a guarded and boarded-up patch

of sidewalk...somebody is obviously getting a Star today on the


I ask and find out it is no less than George Harrison! Hey, and he's

getting one before Paul McCartney...who'd a thunk it?

For some strange reason, the star isn't being placed next to John Lennon's;

George's is near the Capitol entrance, while John's is up Vine St. near

the intersection with Yucca St.

I have no idea who will show up in person for the ceremony, set to begin

at 11:30am PST.

His wife and son obviously...rumours are spreading that Martin Scorsese

will attend as he's doing a film on George.

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