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A Ratt Meets A Zeppelin


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All RATT jokes aside :bagoverhead: I thought this was a pretty funny story. Stephen Pearcy from RATT talks about meeting Robert Plant.

RAG – Who do you consider to be your major influences?

SP - When I first started my major influences were Alice Cooper, Blue Oyster Cult, totally (Led) Zepplin, Aerosmith. Later…(Judas)Priest…(Black) Sabbath. It's crazy for me because I still get star struck whether I meet Charleton Heston at a liquor store at 7 in the morning. I met Robert Plant (Led Zepplin) at Castle Donnington and played a trick on his guitar player. It's great that I'm able to put some of this stuff down and share it. It's like when I'm out and somebody will come up to me when I go get a rag or something and go "Can I have your autograph?" I'll tell you a story. This guy in Europe came up to me and says "Oh man, you're my idol. There are only two guys that I really love: you and Robert Plant", and I'm like "Oh, that's cool. I'm a big fan of Robert too". Then he goes "Yeah, and he's right there" and I'm, like, "What?" I've never met him so I go "Oh, shit" So, I do my thing and I go over and introduce myself and his nickname is "Pearcy". So I go "Hey Pearcy" and he goes "I know who you are, come here. I want you to play a trick on my guitar player." He says "Go up to him and tell him that you're looking for a guitar player and I'm gonna hide right here behind this post." And he did. I went up to the guy and go "Hey, man, my band is playin' the Donnington Festival and I'm pretty fed up and looking for a guitar player." Then he's like "Oh, yeah … okay, let's exchange this and that" and then Robert comes out from behind that post. "Hey, hey, you fuckin' on and on". I was like this is great! And in all of that commotion, I forgot to get his autograph. But, I've met him, you know, and it's a beautiful thing … one of those instances but there's many more.

Also, just recently watched the RATT "Behind The Music" episode. Here's a screenshot from it. A teenaged Stephen Pearcy with Jimmy watching over. ;)


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