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  1. Oh I definitely do! (Hope all is well Strider!)
  2. Roxie


    Ironically came back to see if there was a Prince thread and it was one I had posted 5 years ago! Just unbelievable.... I saw him a MONTH ago in Toronto. He played 2 shows in one night. He had the energy of a 20 year old. It was just him and a piano and it was beautiful. His voice, his playing and he even danced a bit. EASILY one of my all time fave shows, as was his one I saw in 2011. On a positive note, it's been amazing to see all the great tributes to him from Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, David Gilmour and the list goes on. He was respected by every musical genre.
  3. Thanks Deborah! Well, I decided not to enter the competition. Mainly because I used Google images, which would have disqualified me anyways. But judging from the entries I saw, I wouldn't have stood a chance!! So I thought I'd post it here, so at least it will be worth it for me. What a beautiful song...
  4. Thanks Maaike & Slave To Zep (yes - long time! ) Maybe I will... I did spend quite a bit of time on it. I'll just read those Terms again carefully.
  5. I was so excited for this when I first saw it posted on Facebook. I spent the majority of last weekend creating a video. It's simple, but I like it. But then I read the Terms and it just all seems so complicated to me. It just kinda made me NOT want to enter the competition. So right now I'm undecided on what to do. The nice thing is I listened to "Rainbow" so much while making the video, that I pretty much fell in LOVE with the song. Absolutely beautiful...
  6. TORONTO - SEPT 30TH!!! Can't wait!! I will be at my usual spot - front row.
  7. Does anyone have that pic of Robert in line at the check out at the grocery store with the black dude behind him? LOL I'm sure it's on this thread somewhere, but can't seem to find it??
  8. Wow! Excellent photos IMetLZ!! Please post more if you have 'em!
  9. Thanks! We should combine forces - LedZepNews & Plantations! Ha!
  10. https://twitter.com/RPlantations P.S - Cookie, you run LedZepNews on Twitter?? I follow it - love it - very informative
  11. Lenny Kravitz pumping gas - FILL 'ER UP I say!! P.S - HotPlant I hope you see this.... I know you'll appreciate!
  12. Start Me Up - Rolling Stones
  13. Roxie

    Duck Dynasty

    Anybody watch this show? I've just started over the past month or so after hearing so much buzz about it. Didn't think I was gonna like it, but I'm completely hooked. I need to bring Uncle Si with me wherever I go strictly for the comic relief!
  14. The start of a 3-day long weekend make me very happy! (and I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow!)
  15. Roxie


    He does seem to talk about diarrhea alot! Is it this one? Of is it the one where he says "I know you're loose Bonzo - good lord he had diarrhea all thru the last American tour!"
  16. Roxie


    I've got this one on my site here:
  17. Roxie


    "Whoever threw that firecracker deserves to be jerked off by an elephant" - San Diego 1973 P.S - looking for that audio too!
  18. Roxie


    Haha! This one's new to me - I gotta find this audio and add it to my site! Edit: I found it!
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