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  1. Robert with Cherie Currie and Joan Jett
  2. Lately Ive been on a Runaways kick, and all of them are beautiful (: Cherie Currie Joan Jett Sandy West Lita Ford Jackie Fox
  3. The Slider and Electric Warrior by T.Rex And this
  4. Trick or treating, in the rain not so much fun. And i know im a little too old, but free candy is free candy either way..
  5. It is really overlooked! So many never even heard of that album. My favorite off it is Childhood's End, which is really high up on my favorite Floyd songs (:
  6. Omg ^^ Fat Old Sun is awesome (: I think my favorite albums by them are More, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, and Wish You Were Here. I own all their albums on vinyl, but i play those the most. And i love that early song, Lucy Leave its just amazing
  7. Pink Floyd are my second favorite band(Zeppelin first) I own all their albums on vinyl I really want the Madcap Laughs but i only found it for $500.. I love Syd, just everything about him, his music, his look, and whatever else there was to him.
  8. I know its probably been posted many times before, but itll always be a favorite of mine And its Roy Harper, right?
  9. Oh its not haha. I was watching an Electric Prunes video, this one .. And the drummer is topless with white pants, and a scarf, with similar hair.. It just made me think of that picture with Jimmy and it looks a lot him kinda
  10. Just saw Taking Woodstock, it was good. I loved the theater group who lived in his barn haha. At the end, i just felt like it was missing something though :/
  11. I saw The Time Traveller's Wife tonight, I didnt like it :/ It was odd and the ending wasnt good..
  12. waking up...uhg i was having a good dream :/
  13. Just wondering, is that the drummer of the Electric Prunes?..or just a random topless guy..
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