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  1. Robert with Cherie Currie and Joan Jett
  2. Lately Ive been on a Runaways kick, and all of them are beautiful (: Cherie Currie Joan Jett Sandy West Lita Ford Jackie Fox
  3. Marc Bolan Tom Petersson ...I could look at that man for hours, sad but true XD
  4. its a nice shot of Keith but Jimmy in the background..Mmmm
  5. I have never seen this one before and its so gorgeouss
  6. Ive been on a Cheap Trick kick lately (:
  7. The Slider and Electric Warrior by T.Rex And this
  8. Trick or treating, in the rain not so much fun. And i know im a little too old, but free candy is free candy either way..
  9. Now I feel like Im spamming, but i feel like putting more david..I hope no one minds lol and a super hot picture of Syd
  10. Omg David's shorts..woah aww ahaha
  11. I love David's hair in that one
  12. It is really overlooked! So many never even heard of that album. My favorite off it is Childhood's End, which is really high up on my favorite Floyd songs (:
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