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NIN/Jane's Addiction in Camden, NJ 6/5/09


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I had the best time last night in Camden for the NIN/JA show. I had Pitt seats so I was right up front for this great concert. Street Sweeper Social Club was the opener. They are a new band fronted by Boots Riley and Tom Morello. Very good band that allows TM to show off his incredible playing. Very funky band.

NIN came out to a heavy haze of dry ice and did a fantastic set. I was a little suprised that a few numbers like "Closer" weren't played since this is supposedly their last tour. The strobe lights kinda mess with you after a while though. Excellent jams overall.

Then came the reason I was here....the real Jane's Addiction. THEY ARE BACK. It was like being transported back to the very late 80's. All four look and sounded great. Nothing against NIN, but JA blew them away. It proved my point that no other band comes close to the energy of Zeppelin live than Jane's. Starting with "Three Days" and ending with "Jane Says", the boys showed off their talents with a ferocity you don't see with too many other groups. They really were enjoying themselves and played around with the crowd (Perry kept flexing on stage since some young guy up front was doing it). This is what a real rock band sounds like and I have to say Dave sounds better than ever. Perry can still the high notes too. FUCKING GREAT SHOW!!!

Nine Inch Nails Setlist

01 "Somewhat Damaged"

02 "Terrible Lie"

03 "Heresy"

04 "March Of The Pigs"

05 "The Frail"

06 "Piggy"

07 "Metal"

08 "The Big Come Down"

09 "Gave Up"

10 "The Fragile"

11 "I Do Not Want This"

12 "The Downward Spiral"

13 "Wish"

14 "Survivalism"

15 "The Day The World Went Away"

16 "Physical (You're So)"

17 "The Hand That Feeds"

18 "Head Like A Hole"

Jane's Addiction Setlist

01 "Three Days"

02 "Whores"

03 "Ain't No Right"

04 "Pigs"

05 "Then She Did"

06 "Mountain Song"

07 "Had a Dad"

08 "Been Caught Stealing"

09 "Ted Just Admit It..."

10 "Ocean Size"

11 "Summertime"

12 "Stop"

13 "Jane Says"

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