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Manowar in 16 languages


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:huh: A song from the forthcoming Manowar album sung in 16 languages?

Well, no one has gone this far for their fans

And, god it was fun listening Eric singing in my language

english - Father

and 15 other versions


(Father - Bulgarian Version)


(Father - Croation Version)


(Father - Finnish Version)

04. Mon Père (Father - French Version)

05. Vater (Father - German Version)

06. Πατέρα (Father - Greek Version)

07. Apa (Father - Hungarian Version)

08. Padre (Father - Italian Version)


(Father - Japanese Version)

10. Far (Father - Norwegian Version)

11. Ojciec (Father - Polish Version)

12. Pai (Father - Portuguese Version)


(Father - Romanian Version)


(Father - Spanish Version)


(Father - Turkish Version)
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Finally, somebody posts an interesting topic on what has become a boring chat board. Anyway, I love Manowar, especially Ross the Boss who made his name in The Dictators. What a great idea too, 16 versions all in a different language. I've been to Dubrovnik, a walled city with many attractive women. Sounds like heaven.

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