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The Wait


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Great sounding new band that is worth keeping an eye at. Dead Man and Witchcraf related.

From their myspace:

Formely known as The Latka Gravas Group, The Wait consists of Sebastian Wellander on guitar, who also plays in the space-rock band from Skåne (Sweden) Bland Bladen, Joakim Dimberg plays bass and sings, Joakim also plays in Örebro-based band Dead Man. The second guitar player and vocalist is Anders Haglund who has played in The Road Runners. Last but not least, Jens Henriksson is on drums, he also plays drums in Troubled Horse, and in The Winchester Widowmakers from Kumla and was the original drummer in Witchcraft. Sebastian, Joakim and Anders were formerly in the band Hard Bread.

The Wait was formed in early 2009 and has thus been around for about half a year. In that period, they have had plenty of time to get a really good repertoire with varied self-written songs. The music is Rock & Roll with Blues and Country influences. Inspirations vary from the Band and Black Sabbath to country, R'n' B and rockabilly.

Check 'em out at:

The Wait

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From The Wait's myspace blog:

Two new songs


The mixed version of Daymare is now on our playlist, and Anders Haglunds song -Into your room.

We are very pleased with the result.

We have one more song coming up this week maybe today or tomorow that song is called Broken Heart.

Cheers / The Wait

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