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  1. Senna, not a fan of any racing sport but really liked this documentary.
  2. High On Fire November 9th at Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara.
  3. Awesome! They have a lot of upcoming tourdates with one stop in L.A. I will really try to see them.
  4. Chatham County Line Sept. 6 at the Echo in L.A. Thank you Jahfin it was you that turned me onto them when you recommended them after I was looking for something like John Hartford's music or something like that.
  5. Brian Ellis of Astra has a solo thing going too bad you can't embed andcamp albums here as far as I know here's the link to his bandcamp page. http://brianellis.bandcamp.com/
  6. Really want to see The Sadies don't know the other bands.
  7. Clutch overing a song from Pappo's blues first album. Impressive.
  8. This will probably be the release of the year for me. Let There Be Rock DVD and Blue-Ray is going to be released June 7th of this year. http://www.acdcfans.net/news/let-there-be-rock-dvd-to-be-released-7-june-2011/
  9. Night of the Hunted (La Nuit des Traquées) (1980) First film I've seen by Jean Rollin and liked it. Good plot characters. Disliked the fact that it had a 15 minute sex scene I mean really there was no reason for it to be that long and again the transfer to DVD wasn't very good. I'm now interested in seeing Fascination and Grapes of Death not sure about other films by Jean Rollin.
  10. Orphan (2009) Had a lot of flaws but overall I liked it. The girl who played Esther did a great job at that role. By the way, Transylvania is a part of Romania, not Russia. Vacas (1992) About the rivalry between two families from 1870 (Carlist War) up to 1936 (Spanish Civil War). The title translates to cows a bit confusing as to what the cows have to do with anything. But the camera takes shots at the cow seemingly careless in its gaze and at one point the camera takes up the vantage point as if it was peering at the world around it. And what does it see war, bloodshed, etc. Also how how history repeats itself. Great film highly recommended. Only problem was the transfer to dvd wasn't as good as I would have liked it to be and the subtitles from Spanish to English were a bit wrong at times.
  11. Too many re-makes of classic movies and sequels where the first film was already bad.
  12. Alucarda (1978) Fell in love with Tina Romero as Alucarda. 1970's B-horror film made in Mexico a bit surprising with its subject matter and the country is largely Catholic. Really liked it.
  13. Jahfin I recommend these movies if you're tired of the Hollywood same old. Fairly recent films that I think are very good. Moon The Proposition Into the Wild Children of Men Valhalla Rising Amores Perros Gomorrah The Road ( I think you mentioned you saw this) Fish Tank Che Let The Right One In
  14. Subculture of skinheads in the 80's set in England a bit after the Falklands War with Argentina. Good interesting film. Good follows this Colombian immigrant in New York City who has to find a way to make money fast in a place she's unfamiliar with after her husband leaves her.
  15. Pretty nice package except for this.
  16. Was hoping to see the closer to earth full moon but the situation was/is the same as with Strider.
  17. Lulz I'm kidding I'm reading this: And with the going out of business sale at Borders I bought Dune.
  18. About equal in strenght to Trouble's version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQ0pCeG_y6U
  19. Purple Rhinestone Eagle Touring west coast with Bad Dream in April.
  20. Documents the Zapatista uprising and movement in response to NAFTA and rising neo-liberalism of Mexico and its disastrous effects on the indigenous Mayans in Chiapas. It was alright just to get a general idea but you're much better off reading the writings of Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.
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