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Which harp?


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Do you mean the autoharp John Paul Jones used? (It's not actually a harp, but a zither)

Or perhaps the harpischord piano he played?

Or the harp guitar Jimmy Page used on Wonderful One?

Or are you using the term harp to refer to a harmonica (sometimes called a mouth harp)?

As far as I know a real harp was never used on any Led Zeppelin song. Which songs do you think you hear it on?

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Which songs?

Umm just to be on the safe side, you are not asking about which actual make and model of harp Robert used are you?

You just want to know chromatic or diatonic etc and what key yes?

Its a diatonic blues harp.

e.g. Hohner or Lee Oskar which can be bought for about £22 - £25 each in most good music shops and on ebay.

You can also get sets of 7 harps in different keys for a little over £30 !

You want to know what key to get though as diatonics are in specific keys. The great thing about that is that you cannot play a really badly wrong note!! ha ha

The Harmonica key is down from the song key (five semitones?? whatever I'm not a musician just a singer.)

Custard Pie is in D harp

Bring it on Home is A

and When the Levee breaks is Bb

I don't have any others although there may be more.

Hope this helps.

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