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Quick Trivia Question


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Does anybody know why all of the band America's albums start with the letter "H"?

Hi Page-ist,

Not quite all, but i get your point, and i dont have a clue at the moment but i will try to get you an answer.


America (Warners 1971)

Homecoming (Warners 1972)

Hat Trick (Warners 1973)

Holiday (Warners 1974)

Hearts (Warners 1975)

Hideaway (Warners 1976)

Harbor (Warners 1976)

Live (Warners 1977)

Silent Letter (Capitol 1979)

Alibi (Capitol 1980)

View From The Ground (Capitol 1982)

Your Move (Capitol 1983)

Perspective (Capitol 1984)

In Concert (Capitol 1985)

The Last Unicorn (Virgin 1988)

Hourglass (American Gramaphone 1994)

In Concert 1982 recording (King Biscuit Flower Hour 1995)

Horse With No Name 1975 recording (MasterTone 1995)

Human Nature (Oxygen 1998)

Holiday Harmony (Rhino 2002)

The Grand Cayman Concert (America 2002)

Here & Now (Burgundy 2007)

Regards, Danny

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