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Hey everyone, my name is Jordan or otherwise known as ZepHead89 and I am new to the forums. I used to be really into Led Zeppelin back a few years ago, maybe 2005-2006(?), but I hadn't listened to them in a long while and my brother had bought 2 of their CDs and I have been listening to them recently and I have found myself enjoying them quite a lot. I used to be a member on a bunch of Led Zeppelin fan boards back then because there wasn't an official board open at the time, but I am glad to see that there is an official one nowadays. :) I always remember Zep fans for being some of the nicest and coolest fans out there. I'm hoping my love for Led Zeppelin becomes renewed to what it once was a few years ago, and I hope to collect their albums now as well. Sorry for rambling on, LOL, but it's good to be here!

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