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Charlotte Martin painting


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Jimmy may not be very productive these days, but at least his former long-time partner is keeping occupied. I found the following article in the Henley Standard newspaper. I've attached the link regarding Charlotte exhibiting her artwork, There was also a photograph of her in the article. (I should add that there is an American artist also called Charlotte Martin who does landscapes.)

Pop into the pub for a pint and painting

THERE'S more to the Queen Victoria than just beer and pork scratchings — there are paintings by local artists on the walls.

Peter "Nobby" Foley and Craig Timms, new landlords of the pub in Blakes Lane, Hare Hatch, think art and a pint go down well with locals.

Artist Cate Stuart said: "Nobby used to be chef at the Horns in Wargrave, which used to hang our paintings in the bars, organised by the Henley Guild of Artists.

"It was very successful and when Nobby and Craig came here they decided to do the same and encouraged five of us to hang our work here. There are 21 paintings in all — oils, acrylics and watercolours.I think pubs are great places to hang work. People sit there for a long time staring at the walls, so now they can look at our paintings."

The other artists are Jayne Ward, of Warren Road, Wargrave, Diane Siedl, of Park Place, Remenham, Charlotte Martin, of Maidenhead, and Judith Fletcher, of Mill End. All the works are for sale, priced from £50 to £200.


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