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  1. Stop all this flirting! You're making me blush. btw - who said that photo of Jimmy with Bonzo's back to the camera was from 1969? Certainly not moi. Ok, time to contribute some content of interest to everyone! Enjoy the attached. Two of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Love, Billy
  2. You realize this forum has a PM (private message) function, right? Perfect for those sort of one-on-one exchanges that are of ZERO interest to anyone else. Love, Billy
  3. Right - like photographers have never misidentified or "misdated" their shots. Ok, sure. Love, Billy
  4. Clarification - how do you explain Bonzo wearing the exact same outfit in the 1) photo with Jimmy with his (Bonzo's) back to the camera and 2) the photo with Lori? We know by Jimmy's clothes that they weren't taken on the same occasion. Better? Love, Billy
  5. Hahahahaha, you minx, what a lively sense of humor. I was being cheeky. So...how does one explain Bonzo wearing the exact same outfit in both of those photos? Love, Billy
  6. Nah, I think this is just further proof that when he was sober, Bonzo was a kind and caring man who would look out for someone like Lori in a chivalrous way, nothing lude or provocative. Get your mind out of the gutter! Seriously, she was friendly with the other guys in a platonic way. I'll ask Lori for some thoughts on that photo. She may even have some insight on the other one with Jimmy. Will report back ASAP. Love, Billy
  7. You're very sensitive. Are you a delicate flower that must be handled with care? In this photo, Bonzo and Lori are making a grand entrance to Bonzo's 24th birthday party. Love, Billy
  8. I'm not the one who placed the guys at a party for The Faces in 1976. In fact, I agree with you that it looks a lot more like 1973. So there. Love, Billy
  9. That's Bonzo with his back to the camera. He's wearing the same jacket and hat in a photo with Lori Maddox that I believe was taken in Los Angeles circa 1973. Love, Billy
  10. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Backstage after hours nonsense? Another blowhard who doesn't get it. That "nonsense" as you put it is a HUGE part of the Zep story. No other band made their audience wait for hours so they could do mountains of blow and feast on women backstage before they were "ready" to bring the hammer of the gods. Zeppelin hosted the greatest parties ever known to man. Like Satyricon. Or Caligula. Jimmy loved that stuff, and loves their reputation for it. "We were flying the flag of hedonism!" No movie about Zep would be valid without it. It's hardly nonsense, expert. Love, Billy
  12. You're a class act, pally. I'm sure the women folk here appreciate that comment. Now run along and learn how to use PMs to address your friends, rather than clogging up the board with wastes of bandwidth. Betcha Jimmy and Ozzy are going to be in some collage type photo on the cover of Classic Rock or MOJO. Love, Billy
  13. Ok, and that has WHAT to do with the topic of this thread? Jason's been nursing at the Zeppelin teat long enough. Time to move on and stop riding his Dad's coattails. Hmmm...riding on coattails...where have I read that before? Love, Billy
  14. Oh come on. Don't make me sound so sinister. Geez, what am I, Otto? He's the one who's always trying to rile you up, not me. I bet if someone they respect - like a Cameron Crowe - came to the boys with a great script and some talented actors to play them, they'd warm to the idea. They've changed their minds before. Love, Billy
  15. Ross adds his perspective: "Jason Bonham is doing a Led Zeppelin Tribute Tour of Canada and America, which just shows you what a greedy "Breadhead" Jason really is. I'm sure his father's turning in his grave. Apparently Jason is now called Bonzo Junior - vomit. He has no shame..." Love, Billy
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