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  1. Hear that big "whoosh!" sound? That's the sound of your eloquent and well-written statement above sailing waaaaaaaaaay over the heads of the morons you're hoping to educate. Casting pearls before swine. These "Led Zeppelin fans" who whine like infants about Robert's career choices aren't sophisticated enough or open minded enough to listen to anything other than big dumb rock and the heavy elements of Led Zeppelin's back catalog.. And we both know they're the same nimrods who would have been yelling out for Whole Lotta Love during a 1970 or '71 acoustic set, probably would have hated Led Zep III with a passion when it was released, and would have whistled like idiots during the quiet sections of Stairway back in the day. In other words, they're morons. And again - they are proud of it. They proudly say they only like certain types of music. They should be shunned, scorned, tied to a post and lashed. They don't deserve Led Zeppelin. It's too good for them. They also don't eat their toast in the morning unless Mommy cuts off the crusts. Everything has to be just so or they whine. Love, Billy
  2. Re; the futility of arguing with the self-righteous - I feel like John Wilkes Booth looking at his hands in those final seconds... Love, Billy
  3. It helps when you use the quote feature to isolate an entire passage, not just the portion that supports your argument. To wit: "Shame on Percy for living his own life and by his own rules. How dare he deny "pure fans" like you a reunion tour? Such impudence! I mean, how can he do that? He owes you all SO much! (And for those of you who spend days pondering over the use of the word "heavy," that was called sarcasm, folks)." I was referring to MY use of sarcasm. I was concerned it might fly right over the heads of the same dolts who have so much trouble interpreting Robert's comment re: the 02 gig. Love, Billy
  4. I was speaking generally about Robert's occasional use of sarcasm, luv, not referring specifically to the "heavy" comment about the 02 gig, which I'm sure was heartfelt and sincere. Very heavy gig indeed for many reasons. And I believe there's a difference between thinking a gig was "fantastic" in the immediate aftermath and then months later (or whatever the time period was) seeing a video of it and deciding it wasn't up to standard needed for an official release. Love, Billy
  5. Do you want to be a Shark or a Jet? Or should we just be warring factions in The Lords of Flatbush? Cannolis at 20 paces. Ok, before I'm banned for instigating cyber spats... Who agrees with me that at least one member of Zep believes the overall performance at 02 wasn't all that great, and that's why we haven't seen the *professionally* filmed DVD of the gig? Love, Billy
  6. Are you this boring in real life or do you save your best stuff for the Internet? Love, Billy
  7. Back again, old friend? How many aliases do you have? Love, Billy
  8. What a bunch of crap. He does six Zep songs out of 20 in his set, all of which are vastly different from the original versions. "Leans heavily." What is that, the new math? And JPJ didn't form anything. Dave Grohl formed a band and invited JPJ to join. Them Crooked Vultures made a conscious decision not to do *any* of their former groups' songs. No Led Zep, no Nirvana, no Foo Fighters, no Queens of the Stone Age. Totally invalid points. No wonder it leads to misguided perceptions. Love, Billy
  9. Who's the one making the tough guy threats, tough guy? I would love to know where to get a good hotdog on Flatbush Avenue, though. Do tell. Jamaican meat and chicken patties, yes. Hotdogs? I don't think so. And I'll never go to Texas any more... Ok, so you've been through this enlightenment and let go of all grudges, what space are you in now? Love, Billy
  10. So the entire place went nuts, and you little Mary Mary Quite Contrary sat there with your arms crossed and a sucking lemons disapproving look on your face? Tut tut. What if your reasons suck? What if they show you're narrow minded and unwilling to try anything new? Or give something different a chance? Man, oh man, I can't imagine what it was like in your house the day mommy came home with Pepsi instead of Coke. You must have thrown some hissy fit. Love, Billy
  11. No, that's not all. The reason you get so much stick isn't because you don't like Robert's solo work, it's because of your ludicrous "pure led zep fan" and "jimmy's songs" comments. That and your erratic use of caps and lower case. But it's all good. We get it, you love Jimmy. Your undying devotion to and passion for the man is admirable, really. A tad unsightly for a man your age, but all the same - live and let live, says I. Love, Billy
  12. What a crock of bollocks. The real shame here is you actually believe all this garbage. How sad. Almost as sad as the fact that you find yourself amusing. That's beyond sad. It's tragic. "Jimmy songs"? Please. Any Zep song Robert is currently playing is just as much his as it is Jimmy's. He either co-wrote them with Jimmy, or worked on the new arrangement of them with Jimmy. His contributions were crucial. Shame on Percy for living his own life and by his own rules. How dare he deny "pure fans" like you a reunion tour? Such impudence! I mean, how can he do that? He owes you all SO much! (And for those of you who spend days pondering over the use of the word "heavy," that was called sarcasm, folks). The irony here is you don't even like Led Zeppelin. You don't understand their music, you don't appreciate it, you don't have the first clue as to what makes it stand out from the rest. You are utterly and completely clueless. The whole thing goes way, way, way over your head. More tragedy. You're completely blinded by your man crush on Jimmy Page. It's perfectly, fine, mate, embrace your feelings. Just be honest about them. You'll feel much better about the whole thing and less bitter. Much better, less bitter. And we're all open minded here so no reason to feel apprehensive about sharing your true feelings. Please share them with us. Please. Love, Billy
  13. And yet you continue to post in this thread. Uncanny. Can't help yourself? Loved the bit about Celebration Day. "Never very popular, though." That Percy. He is cheeky. Love, Billy
  14. Tough call on what's worse - someone who laughs at their own jokes in person, or online. Definitely a coin toss. Robert's never going to satisfy some people. And he's far too subtle and clever for the all too many thick heads out there who have no clue when it comes to detecting sarcasm and irony, and can't handle anything that isn't completely literal. Lots of people wanted a successful reunion gig. Well, you got it. At least 20,000 got it. A very safe, very stiff, clearly uncomfortable reunion gig, but all in all, a very successful venture for all involved. Considering the tension on stage for various reasons, I'm proud of our boys for pulling it off as well as they did. The others wanted to do more, Robert didn't. Case closed. Next. Roll on Plant/Krauss, Band of Joy, Them Crooked Vultures, The JB Experience, Black Country Communion. Everyone's busy, everyone's out there doing something musically. Well, almost everybody... Those of you pining and whining away for a band that broke up 30 years ago - get a life, people. It's over. You missed it. Deal. Love, Billy
  15. I would not be the least bit surprised if Jonesy turns up at a BoJ gig in the UK. You read it here first. Love, Billy
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