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  1. I'm not a fan of what Brian and Roger are doing with the Queen name. However, I would definitely love to see Roger and Brian out together performing the Queen numbers they wrote and sang, many of which haven't had an airing in years. Mixing these, with solo stuff they have done over the years would, imo, make a fantastic gig. Doubt if it will ever happen though
  2. One thing that grates on me are people who join fan forums purely for self promotion, whether it's selling or pushy parents showing off who they believe is the next JP.
  3. Why isn't this tour doing any European/anywhere apart from US.Canada dates? Is Jason afraid of the reaction he will get bringing this show to a more cynical audience I wonder
  4. An astounding bit of of info that totally deserves it's own thread.
  5. Very well put. I respect Robert for what he is doing now. I find it all very uncomfortable to watch rock stars who won't give up the ghost, prancing and screeching about like they are still in their twenties. It's not very becoming. Although not a massive fan of Robert's recent output, I am in favour of the direction he has taken. It reflects the stage he is at in his life. Kudos to RP
  6. How long will it take for this to dissolve into yet another Robert bashing thread?? I give it another 3 posts
  7. Reminds me a bit of a Terry Gilliam Monty Python animation
  8. We already have that, it's called JBLZE!
  9. The US cannot access BBC/ i-player over there.
  10. Jimmy with John Varvatos and Billy Gibbons.
  11. I have often wondered why Robert doesn't seem to have a West Midlands accent like John had. Does he tend to "lose" any accent when interviewed? (I am thinking of John in the b/w BBC interview when he spoke very Queen's English ) In fact, in some concert footage from the 70s, at times he sounds as though he comes from South (Sarf! ) London! Even Jason still retains that W. Mids twang when he wants (Supergroup). Any thoughts?
  12. I love this new song, Robert sounds in really good form. Cannot wait for the album
  13. I'm more interested to hear if you saw Nessie.
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