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Some mooooooosic from moi...


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I posted a while ago some music I had recorded and to be honest, its a bit rubbish. BUT I have returned with *sarastic moment* some new material which im sure your all very exited about :P

So basically would like some feedback of this song I made with my friend (he's playing drums). yes the guitar sound is a bit damp and yes it could do with some bass, words, improving etc...but anyway, feedback is appriciated and stuff :D

P.S: yes the beginning sounds like a bit in Tubular Bells but believe, I had never heard it before in my life before a friend of mine mentioned it to me :lol:

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Good stuff, keep at it! I can hear some yardbirds influences there I think. :) I'd break it into two songs, but that's me.

Thanks swede :D Funny you should say that, we were debating whether we should do that or not, still havent decided :lol: Thinking about trying out some jazz stuff so I thought Take 5 by Dave Brubeck would be a good idea for cover(?)

Very well done. Keep up the work/practice...and I am so glad to see your passion for the electric guitar. Keep it alive :)

Thanks Deborah :D

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