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Ringo & the Allstars Tour 2010


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Thought I would start a thread for the tour.

I just saw Ringo last Saturday Night at The Caesars Maximus Theatre in Atlantic City, NJ.

I was thirteenth row on the side and got alot of the show on video.

Buckeye - again we see the same show. We have got to get together one day. I see you're at the show as I'm posting this. Lucky you. Hope you are having a blast. What an amazing show saturday was. ringo does look kabsolutely amazing for 70. He is alot of fun to watch onstage...just knowing he's a beatle.and the funny one at that. He has with him this year the lead singer of the Romantics, Wally Palmaer, the lead singer and bassist from Mr Mr, a Mr Richard Page, as well as the one and only Edgar Winter, Gary Wright, Greg Bissonnette on drums and Rick Derringer on lead guitar.

when you take the best two songs from each of the bands that all of the above are in and pack it into one concert it makes for a very amazing night. Hopefully Buckeye got a setlist. At the AC show one of the roadies comes out seconds after the lights comes ona nd grabs all of the setlists and takes them in the back. Bummer. I could rattle off quite a few but the highlights were definitely Yellow Submarine(Yes, I guess I do have some dork in me), Frankenstein was just simply amazing with Edgar Winter going from keyboards to horns to drums all in one song...and I've got it all on killer HD video. The other highlight for me was Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo. Rick Derringer totally smoked this one. He does make that guitar sing, and topped it off with an absolutely smoking solo at the end of the song showcasing his love for the guitar. That will be up soon also.

If anyone gets a chance to see it live you should. It really is a great show. Lighting, sound, star studded musicians with great tunes, it's got it all.

Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo

The Yellow Submarine


The intro of Frankenstein Edgar Winter announces that he was the first person to

come up with the strapon keyboard idea. Never knew that.


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Great videos, bigzepfan! Thanks for posting them. Ringo stated at the beginning of our concert that he didn't want any videos taken, and he pointed to someone in the audience who was videoing and singled them out to security.

That was the most fun that I have ever had at a concert in my life. My son said that it was the best time that he has had in the past year! I would highly recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to go and see this show! Everyone was dancing and singing and having fun! After just attending Jeff Beck's and Eric Clapton's concerts where the audience was in awe of the guitar virtuosity and the atmosphere was all seriousness, it was a fun change of pace to see and hear these musicians who were having as much fun as the audience was.

The crowd went wild when Rick Derringer played "Hang On Sloopy". Rick is from Ohio, and he was in the McCoys when they wrote this song. The Ohio State Marching Band adopted this song years ago, and it is now the "Official Song for the State of Ohio". Rick explained that there are only a few states with an official state song. He stated that New Jersey's state legisature turned down one of Bruce Springstein's songs, lol.

Edgar Winter was fantastic, and "Frankenstein" was also a highlight at our concert. The crowd really enjoyed Wally Palmer's Romantic's tunes, particularly "What I Like About You", where everyone bopped up and down and shouted "Hey". Ringo told the crowd that Gary Wright sang "Dream Weaver" the best that he had ever heard him sing it before. It was really special. The Mister Mister tunes from Richard Page brought back memories from the 80's. He really got into his bass playing, he was really jammin' at the end of the concert. Ringo was very entertaining with his jokes and banter, he was very funny! People kept yelling out "Happy Birthday" to him, so he said "OK, let's get it out of your system" and then everyone sang to him. He kept flashing peace signs to people in the audience who caught his eye. Someone from the very back shouted out "play Octopus' Garden", and Ringo shouted back that he heard the guy and no, he was not going to sing that song, lol!

I am glad that my son had the opportunity to see Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer, as they played at the first concert that I ever attended. He was really excited to see Edgar, in particular.

Here is the set list and a few of my photos. We were in center section behind the pit, row C, about 12 rows back. I need to get a better small camera for my concert photos. The one I have doesn't have much zoom capability, and takes fuzzy pics when the flash is off. Any suggestions for a better camera?

01. It Don't Come Easy

02. Honey Don't

03. Choose Love

04. Hang on Sloopy (Rick Derringer)

05. Free Ride (Edgar Winter)

06. Talking In Your Sleep (Wally Palmer)

07. I Wanna Be Your Man

08. Dream Weaver (Gary Wright)

09. Kyrie (Richard Page)

10. The Other Side of Liverpool

11. Yellow Submarine

12. Frankenstein (Edgar Winter)

13. Peace Dream

14. Back Off Boogaloo

15. What I Like About You (Wally Palmer)

16. Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo (Rick Derringer)

17. Boys

18. Love Is Alive (Gary Wright)

19. Broken Wings (Richard Page)

20. Photograph

21. Act Naturally

22. With A Little Help From My Friends/ Give Peace A Chance (reprise)

079.jpg, 034.jpg


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The drumsticks were very cool to see, especially at a distance...and at high speeds. Made it look almost like a straight line.

Way to go on the setlist Doc. You're right, definitely one of the funnest shows i've been to in awhile. Like you said with clapton/beck some shows are more serious than others. Gotta admit I did feel abit geeky singing outloud to the yellow submarine. don't know why, it's a great song, it's just been sooo sooo long since i've sung it. I think I might even watch the movie soon!

I see that McCartney joined him onstage for his birthday bash.

Wouldn't that have been the bomb show. either way, what's cool is that

every show is so good because of the great mix of songs.

Glad you had an awesome time Doc. Are you going to see Roger Waters? He's at the garden, East rutherford and Philly. I haven't decided which I'm going to, but I may see more than one.

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