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  1. Thank you Srider! Had a quiet and uneventful day after a stressful week. Thanks for thinking of me! I haven't been around much and just happened to log in today and saw your post. Hope all is well with you!
  2. Hi Strider! I still pop in every now and then to see what's happening, making a random post here and there when I think that I have something to contribute. Have a great Holiday and thanks for the shout out!
  3. Turned on the morning news, and was surprised to see ROBERT on the CBS morning show! He looked great! I loved his comment about cutting his hair when he is finished performing for good. Charlie Rose, Gail King, Nora O'Donnell as well as guest Mark Harmon were all in awe by his presence. Nothing new in the interview but it was great seeing him first thing in the morning. What a pleasant surprise. They may have the interview up on CBS's web site at some point. Thanks Robert for making my day!
  4. I saw The Who in Columbus on Feb. 17th, just a few days before this incident. Pete was very gracious and thanked the audience for selling out the place during a down economy. He did let loose a few "F Bombs" during his commentary at the end. Just typical Pete being Pete in my opinion. Roger pretty much lost his voice at my concert. We could not even hear some of the vocals on "Love, Reign O'er Me". Just looked like he was mouthing the words. They did not sing "Tea and Theater" at the end as Roger's voice was shot. The visuals were fantastic. The video of "The Ox" playing 5:15 was amazing! I loved how they included Entwistle and Moony in this performance of Quadrophenia. Overall, an excellent concert and I am so thankful to have been able to see the living members of The Who. (I believe that they still are to be called The Who, just like the living members should still be called Led Zeppelin, IMHO.) I also read Pete's autobiography. My opinion of it is that it is Pete's way of explaining his side of things for which he has gotten bad press for in the past, such as punching out members of the audience. I don't think that it revealed his true soul as much as did Eric Clapton's autobiography did. I thought it was just full of excuses for Pete's past and future (like the incident on Feb. 19th) behavior.
  5. I love the Rock Hall! I have been there many times, not in the past year, though. My favorite artifacts are the PAC 10 football players drawn by Jimi Hendrix when he was in school. They used to have an extensive Jimi Hendrix section. I don't know if it is still there, but I found it to be very insightful as to Jimi's character and personality. Years ago, they had on display the drawing of "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" made by Julian Lennon, from which John wrote the song. Also, they had some hand written letters from John to Julian, as well as hand written lyrics. One year they had a special Doors exhibit on one of the top floors. It included Jim Morrison's death certificate and the letter sent to his father informing him of Jim's death. It was very haunting to me. I also liked the ZZ Top display with the furry guitars and drums. If you ever get the opportunity, I think that visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would be an enjoyable experience for any rock fan. Near to Cleveland is Cedar Point, the nation's number one amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. They have really fun Haunted weekends in the fall there. And in Canton, Ohio, which is not too far from Cleveland, there is the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Cleveland also has a great museum complex at University Circle, which includes a nice art museum. There are a lot of entertainment venues in Cleveland, such as The House of Blues, The Playhouse Theatre complex, as well as the Browns, Cavaliers, and indians stadia. There also is a very nice science museum near the Rock Hall. And no trip to Cleveland would be complete without a boat ride on Lake Erie. So there is lots to do.
  6. Now I get it. Sage, SAJ. Japan's flag? Can't make out the rest. Please explain.
  7. I just logged in for a look-see and was shocked to see what has been going on in this thread! I am so happy that Steve is back (miss the old avatar!). He is an invaluable source of info and I appreciate that he so generously shares it with us. It would be a tremendous loss to lose him as a member. Jalfin is also a valuable member, as is every other member on here who make regular posts. We can learn a lot from each other if we just give one another the respect that we all deserve and allow one to voice their views and ideas and share their info with us. It all boils down to respect. We may not all share the same opinions and world views, but each person has the right to express their opinions. We can respectfully disagree. There is no need to trash the messenger just because we don't like their message. Keep that in mind when a discussion gets heated up. That's how I see it. Thanks to all who regularly contribute to these forums. I enjoy reading all of your posts.
  8. Have a great time, Steve! I saw them in Columbus where Eric has a home and he played for his "American family". It was by far the best concert that I have ever attended.
  9. Yuk! I turned down tickets to the Ohio State vs. Akron football game today because it is so hot out and I would be sick from the heat. It is pushing 100 degrees outside. It has been so dry and hot this summer, and I don't like it. My oldest son's roomate's brother plays for Akron and he is having a great game. I would have loved to see him in person play in Ohio Stadium. He also played on the same high school football team with my sons. He was/is a great player but because their high school was so small, none of the really big colleges recruited him.
  10. I just saw the new X-Men movie, "X-Men First Class". I really liked it, even though this type of movie is usually not my cup of tea. Now I understand the characters of the earlier X-Men movies since I have been unfamiliar with the comics.
  11. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  12. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  13. Nothing to be sorry about, Silver Rider.
  14. That Monday in Pakistan was still May 2nd, as well as Monday in the US was May 2nd. I understand what you are saying. With the time difference, the early hours of Monday May 2nd in Pakistan occurred on Sunday, May 1st in the US. We don't know for sure what the exact timing of events were, only what we have been told, and the story keeps changing. I believe that Obama gave the go ahead orders for the raid on Bin Laden on Friday, April 29th, the day of the wedding ,and knew that it was going to take place within a few days when Will and Kate would have been on their honeymoon. So it is conceivable that he could have tipped the Royal Family prior to the raid taking place and left it up to their discretion to proceed as planned or not with the honeymoon. It is obvious from the pictures of the "war room" that many were tipped off prior to the raid, so it is not beyond the realm of possibility that a courtesy call was made to the Prime Minister or others in England, considering the high profile of the wedding. Like I said before, we probably will never know the truth about the postponement. It is just speculation. And I think that most people are smart enough not to believe everything that they are told, such as the prince having to work and needing to postpone a planned honeymoon. Who cares anyway. It is in the past.
  15. Does that make one an expert on the subject?
  16. Hi Silver Rider, May 1st was Sunday (my husband's birthday).
  17. I am serious. I did put a question mark at the end of my comment to indicate that it is a speculation. The answer may never be publicly known. The honeymoon was planned as well as his time off from work. He is the future king, I am sure he can be off work whenever he pleases, particularly for his honeymoon. And there could be no better reason to delay than due to a security threat. They wouldn't have used the word "postpone" if they were planning in advance to go at a later date due to the prince's work schedule. I will not argue with you. http://www.dailymail...-honeymoon.html
  18. I think that it was a gutsy call that the President made and I am proud of him for not releasing the photographs as nothing good could have come from it. The terrorists know that Bin Laden is dead and they are the ones that count so they don't need photos for proof. I think that the President has conducted himself in a highly professional manner and with respect to his predecessor and to those of the Muslim failth. I am surprised by the jubulant celebration by the mostly young people, the so called "Millenial Generation". I have underestimated how much they were affected by 9/11. That event has defined their generation. The capturing of Bin Laden puts a close to that chapter of their lives. I can understand their brief celebration on Sunday night, the night of the announcement. It serves as a sign that they can now move on past it, it gives them a sense of closure, a sense of hope for their future. The celebration was extemporaneous and brief. I think that maybe some in the media have blown it out of proportion and are using it as some kind of propoganda. But I don't think that anyone's death should be celebrated. All life is sacred. I was in New York City that weekend, and the security was extremely tight on Sunday night around 6 PM at LaGuardia Airport when I left. The security lines were long and the screeners were extra diligent. They must have been told to increase their vigilance as they were expecting something big to be announced? And the British Royal Family must have been tipped off as William and Kate announced on that Saturday/Sunday that they were postponing their honeymoon? Editing to say: There weren't too many tourists around New York City during that weekend. It was the least busy, tourist wise, that I think that I have ever seen it. I don't think that the people celebrating at ground zero were all tourists.
  19. I am so sorry about your cat, ledzepfvr. It is so sad. It takes a long time to recover from the loss of a beloved pet.
  20. TSRTS is on VH1Classic right now, and I cannot tell the MSG footage from the Shepperton studio footage. They did a great job. Was Dazed and Confused from MSG or from the studio? Looks like it may be from the studio. Does anyone know for sure?
  21. I just found out that the Dayton (Ohio) Philharmonic Orchestra will be playing the music of Led Zeppelin on Saturday, April 2nd. I would love to go, but have another engagement for that night. Here is a link for anyone who is in the area and may wish to attend. My link I wil be attending Robert's Band of Joy concert in Louisville on April 8th! Can't wait!
  22. I will be seeing Robert in April in Louisville. I just bought presale tickets to see Josh Groban in Columbus in August! Got great floor seats. The hubby will go with me to this one! I saw Josh in concert a few years ago at a fairly small venue. He was great! Sounded just like his CD's. He is playing at the Shottenstein Center in Columbus, a large arena. I hope that he sounds just as great in a large venue.
  23. There was a great article on Jeff in USA Today last week or so (I was on a cruise and the hubby cut it out of the paper to save for me). I am excited to see the video of his tribute to Les Paul at the Iridium last year. I am hoping to catch Jeff in concert again this year. Saw him twice last year. USA Today article Video Rock legend Jeff Beck looks ahead, and back By Marco R. della Cava, USA TODAY LOS ANGELES — Jeff Beck slouches on a couch in the cloistered enclave of Bar 1200, a fabled rock-star watering hole at the Sunset Marquis hotel. Glaring down from the wall behind him is Ozzy Osbourne, whose eyes pop menacingly from a massive black-and-white photo. "Do I have to sit here?" Beck says with mock horror. Then he points to a seat across the room. "That's my usual spot over there. I practically take root." Over the past four decades, Beck, 66, has had ample time to fade into the landscape. Although he was considered one of the best guitarists to emerge from the '60s London scene, his penchant for perfectionism and for following his idiosyncratic muse led to solitary times when the only music he made came from banging away on his beloved American hot rods. No longer. Beck's on a mainstream tear of late. He just picked up three Grammys for best rock and pop instrumentals and best pop collaboration. And today, he comes out with Rock 'n' Roll Party Honoring Les Paul, a CD and DVD of last summer's rockabilly gig at New York's Iridium Jazz Club. And now comes word that, despite old frictions, Beck has recorded songs that may reunite him with Rod Stewart, who handled vocals in The Jeff Beck Group for its seminal albums Truth (1968) and Beck-Ola (1969). "I cut some tracks and sent them to Rod, and I'm still waiting for a response," says Beck, sunglasses shading weary eyes. "Some are originals, and we've got great covers, too. It's sort of Chapter 2 of Beck-Ola. So yeah, ball's in your court, matey." Stewart, 66, appears to be interested. He and Beck "are making progress and an upcoming project is looking promising," says Arnold Stiefel, Stewart's manager. The raspy vocalist has avoided rehashing his youth. But the opportunity to conjure that old rock magic may prove tough to resist, says Rolling Stone associate editor Andy Greene "This would be a big deal," Greene says. "Consider that when our magazine reviewed the first Led Zeppelin album, they were panned as a poor man's Jeff Beck Group." Greene says such a teaming is in keeping with Beck's concerted effort "to get back into the game after consistently sabotaging his career. Those recent Grammys are proof positive he's returned with music that is more palatable than ever." Beck acknowledges the radical shift in his attitude. "We've put in a lot of hard work over the past two years; our gig books look like the Yellow Pages. ... I've led the rock 'n' roll life for so long that I feel like I have to have that buzz." Beck was particularly eager to celebrate the life of his idol and later friend, Les Paul, who gigged at the Iridium with his signature ax up until his death in 2009 at age 94. "As a schoolboy, me and a friend would rush home and play his records over and over, trying to figure out what he was doing," Beck says. "We were right there with a passion for Les' tone, the finger movements, the bends, the attack." Beck's early love of jazz greats such as Barney Kessel made him unique among rocker peers such as Eric Clapton and Keith Richards. Where they went for a mainstream blues sound, Beck experimented on the fringes of fusion, which may be why members of Pink Floyd wanted him but were too intimidated to make the move. "(Floyd's) Dave Gilmour told me once after a few ales that they wanted me, but Roger (Waters) was too scared to ask," Beck says, laughing. "Would I have joined? Probably not," he says. "Back then, I was nuts, looking for more aggressive stuff. More black funk, James Brown and Motown. I jumped ship from that whole English rock thing." Beck remains on the hunt for new sounds, says Art Thompson, senior editor with Guitar Player magazine. "No one can play like him. Ron Wood told me that he and Jimmy Page were talking, and Jimmy said, 'Well, there's no one better than Jeff, is there?' " Page said as much inducting old friend Beck into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009. "What he said was outrageous," Beck says. "What a compliment." While Beck waits to see if Stewart pays him one by re-teaming, he's mending another old friendship. "There were times when I treated my guitars as a nuisance," he says. "But they are my best friends. I looked at one the other day and thought, 'Thanks a lot, pal, you got me all around the world.' People give me so much for making noises with it. And it's just a lump of wood with some wires."
  24. I just saw at the bottom of the opening LZ Forum web page where the birthdays are mentioned that today, February 13th, would have been Charles' (Dzldoc) 52nd birthday. I really miss him. RIP Charles and Happy Birthday.
  25. Just finished watching a documentary on Lemmy of Motorhead on VH1 Classic. James Hetfield said that he "doesn't know or care how old Lemmy is, he may be 100 years old, but the fact that he is still up there doin' it is an absolute inspiration for us. We have nothing to complain about and everything to look forward to". I thought that it was really funny when they showed Lemmy in the bathroom putting on cologne. He had a couple of those singing fish on the wall, and he pressed the button for one of them to sing "Don't Worry, Be Happy". People were saying that Lemmy is a really nice guy to his fans. Despite his looks, he is just an old softie at heart.
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