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  1. Thank you Srider! Had a quiet and uneventful day after a stressful week. Thanks for thinking of me! I haven't been around much and just happened to log in today and saw your post. Hope all is well with you!
  2. Thanks Everyone, What a great game and great season! A lesson about overcoming adversity and persevering with your dreams. I keep thinking that I wish that the Ohio State player, Kosta Karageorge, who killed himself right before the Michigan game would have learned that lesson. He would be basking in glory right now just by being on the National Championship team, even though he didn't get to play, he was still a contributing member of the team. There is always hope for the future and nothing is ever as bleak as it seems in your mind. With tenacious perseverance and faith, things can change for the better. But they are alluding to past concussions contributing to his poor decisions, and maybe that caused him to loose hope. But suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, not worth loosing your life to. I am hoping for another National Championship next year with most players returning. I am in Arizona and am missing out on the Ohio festivities. I hope there will still be some memorabilia to buy when I get home!
  3. Hi Strider and Ddlander! The Buckeyes now have a former SEC coach, that must be what it takes to beat an SEC team. It will be like an old fashioned Rose Bowl game, the last one that I went to in person was January 1st, 1985 when Ohio State got a beat down from USC!
  4. Hi Everyone! Just thought I would pop in to say "Go Buckeyes"! I am hoping for a OSU vs. Oregon national championship. Good luck to Jabe, but I think this is the year for the Buckeyes. As much as I like Alabama and have many Optometrist friends there, I have to predict the Buckeyes will go all the way this year! Just a note: It is interesting that Kirk Herbstreit, a former Ohio State player, is covering the Oregon/FSU game, not Ohio State. He gets too much grief from the Buckeye fans, so much so that he had to move out of Columbus.
  5. Hi Strider! I still pop in every now and then to see what's happening, making a random post here and there when I think that I have something to contribute. Have a great Holiday and thanks for the shout out!
  6. Turned on the morning news, and was surprised to see ROBERT on the CBS morning show! He looked great! I loved his comment about cutting his hair when he is finished performing for good. Charlie Rose, Gail King, Nora O'Donnell as well as guest Mark Harmon were all in awe by his presence. Nothing new in the interview but it was great seeing him first thing in the morning. What a pleasant surprise. They may have the interview up on CBS's web site at some point. Thanks Robert for making my day!
  7. Hi Strider! I was not too optimistic for Ohio State this year. Too inconsistent and no big playmakers or 3 point shooters. Craft was their best player. I haven't even watched one of their games this year. But at least they were beaten by University of Dayton, another Ohio team. I don't look for UD to go too far in the tournament, but anything can happen. That is why they call it March madness!
  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! My oldest son is married and I have a one year old grandson now. He is at that toddler stage where he is getting Into everything! Should be fun and active when he comes for the holidays. He is a bit young yet to really appreciate and get excited about the holidays, but he will still have a lot of fun. Safe travels to everyone and enjoy the season.
  9. Hi SuperDave, I love your thread. Thanks for posting your travel log and great photos. I am enjoying them very much. My husband and I were in Paris for just one day on the first Saturday of August, saw many of the same sights as you did, have a lot of similar photos. We had lunch at a nice restaurant called Chez Jenny's and spent most of our time at the Cathedral Notre Dame. We visited the Eiffel Tower where the grounds were over run by pickpockets and gypsies, very intimidating, we witnessed an incident there. We travelled from the port at Le Havre to Paris and back in one day. It was a whirlwind trip. We would like to go back to France and explore the wine regions in more depth. Thank you for all of your information and details about your trip.
  10. Love the photos! Thanks to all for the reviews of this show and all of the others. I am not going to be able to make it to one of his shows in this tour. Maybe he will be back around again soon. Looks like Robert is still enjoying the performing and making great music.
  11. This is sad news. I am going to London in a couple of weeks and staying in South Kensington. I must get a photo of this venue before it is gone. (I am going to see the David Bowie exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum, as well as visiting Ireland, Scotland and Paris.)
  12. I just love Robert's humor and hints. Who cares what they are called, or if they make new music, or if they tour the world for a year. I would love to have them play Led Zeppelin music together at least one more time, preferably in a way that all of us fans could be there to witness it. Don't get bogged down in the minutiae and details. Just let it happen if it is going to happen and enjoy the ride. Just like we have enjoyed the past year.
  13. Love the upgrade, Sam. Thanks! It looks great on an IPad with retina display!
  14. I saw The Who in Columbus on Feb. 17th, just a few days before this incident. Pete was very gracious and thanked the audience for selling out the place during a down economy. He did let loose a few "F Bombs" during his commentary at the end. Just typical Pete being Pete in my opinion. Roger pretty much lost his voice at my concert. We could not even hear some of the vocals on "Love, Reign O'er Me". Just looked like he was mouthing the words. They did not sing "Tea and Theater" at the end as Roger's voice was shot. The visuals were fantastic. The video of "The Ox" playing 5:15 was amazing! I loved how they included Entwistle and Moony in this performance of Quadrophenia. Overall, an excellent concert and I am so thankful to have been able to see the living members of The Who. (I believe that they still are to be called The Who, just like the living members should still be called Led Zeppelin, IMHO.) I also read Pete's autobiography. My opinion of it is that it is Pete's way of explaining his side of things for which he has gotten bad press for in the past, such as punching out members of the audience. I don't think that it revealed his true soul as much as did Eric Clapton's autobiography did. I thought it was just full of excuses for Pete's past and future (like the incident on Feb. 19th) behavior.
  15. JPJ gave a great answer. He was pretty quick on his feet with the comebacks to Dave. I am fairly confident that Dave would not know who Roy Harper is, but we will never know for sure. The Bowie comment would have gotten a good laugh!
  16. I kept waiting for a few obvious answers from Jimmy to a few of Dave's questions: When asked to describe Led Zeppelin's music, I expected Jimmy to say "it is like 'light and shade' ". And when Dave asked if they hung around with The Beatles or The Who, I expected Jimmy to tell him the story of naming the band after the Keith Moon "Led Balloon" comment. Did these thoughts occur to anyone else at the time?
  17. My husband woke me up to watch the show as I fell asleep. I loved that JPJ sat next to Dave. At first I thought,"oh, no!", but it turned out well! We got to see JPJ's wonderful sense of humor! My husband's humor is exactly like JPJ's. He is very quiet, doesn't speak up much, but then he comes up with very funny comments about things at the most opportune moments. Dave did seem to be nervous interviewing them. I think that Jimmy tried to help him out a bit in a couple of instances. I loved Jimmy's enthusiasm in talking about the old blues masters, and how passionate he was in talking about the "Stairway" performance at the Kennnedy Center. Robert looked fantastic and I think that he held back a bit to let the other two have a bit of the spotlight and I really respect him for it. He is very cleaver and articulate and It would have been a bit different interview if Robert sat next to Dave, but he possibly would have been asked "the question", who knows. They all did a great job! Love you, guys!
  18. Cheering for you again, Jabe! Is this three years in a row now?
  19. Don't you just hate it when you can tell that the sports announcers are blatantly for one team over another? It is obvious that Brent Mushmouth is cheering for Notre Dame in this game. Notice how he gets really loud and excited when ND has a good play and he is really quiet and ignores the game, making small talk when USC has the ball?
  20. Hi Virginia! I haven't been around much lately. I still check the website every now and then and make a few posts here and there.
  21. Agree! Go BUCKS! And GO USC! Beat ND!
  22. What a great guy, that Robert! I love that he is so gracious with his fans! Those pictures were great! I think that he looks really good. I like his current looks more now than when he was younger back in the day! I like the beard! I can't believe what great luck it was for the fan to be at St. Mark's Place and to see Robert walking toward him! I would have thought that I was having a really good dream if that would have been me!
  23. Fantastic News! This will be history in the making! At least two more rare opportunities to see the surviving members of Led Zeppelin together again! And Jason was invited to join them in NYC! How does one get tickets to the press conference at MOMA? I love that art gallery! Many classic and historic paintings there, such as the Salvador Dali melting clock, if I am remembering correctly. I hope that the guys, and particularly Jimmy get the opportunity to have a private viewing of the museum. I know that they would enjoy it.
  24. I was just catching up on yesterday's USA TODAY paper and saw a picture of Jimmy on the cover page of the LIFE section D! It was a quote by Jimmy about the Kennedy Center Honors: "Of course, what an honor! We're all going... This is a real thrill. Boy, oh boy, it is a thrill. I know this is a big deal... I only recently heard about this, but what I did know is that it is a really big thing, and it is a great honor." It went on to say that all three will attend. I liked the picture of Jimmy. Looked like one from the recent DVD press conference? If someone on here can find the link and post it, I would appreciate it. My IPad is giving me problems with javascrip
  25. I am so thrilled just to see the three of them together again! They looked really good and they all appeared to be happy and healthy. I loved their grace and wit in handling all of the varied questions from the press. I also am so thankful for the movie and DVD / CD! Can't wait to see / hear this concert. Thank you RP, JP, and JPJ for giving us fans this gift!
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