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Robert Plant Live in Tulsa 7/16/10

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5 hour drive to brady theater from Mid-MO, 104 degrees. Me, My Brother, and our friend Heather get there around 3, and at 4 o clock Plants bus pulls up and about 10 minutes later walks into the building about 10 feet from us, He waived and we waived back and it was amazing, now on the show :)

I didnt know exactly what to expect, Plant came out onstage and as a audience we erupted very nicely. Plant hit high notes I didn't think he was still capable of, Buddy played great, Patty was excellent, and all around was a fun, musically enhanced awesome show. It was a great hour and 45 minutes and now i will post the setlist in which i wrote down as the show went on with notes, I apologize in advance I am not familiar with every single song title, so bare with me, if you have corrections please let me know!!!

1. Down to the Sea

2. Angel Dance

3. Please Read the Letter

4. House of Cards

5. Misty Mountain Hop (Plant hits a high note in the 3rd verse that I thought he lost in 72!)

6. Harms Swift Way (Plant sings a couple verses from In My Time of Dying)

7. 12 Gates to the City (They also sang a minute of "Wade in the Water")

8. Rick Woman

9. ??? Buddy Miller Song

10. All the Kings Men (Plant is out of key after about 30 seconds & they restart the song)

11. Nobody's Fault But Mine (Traditional version I believe origionally by Willie Dixon, not the zep version)

12. Satan Your Kingdome Must Come Down

13. Bring Me ?????

14. Monkey (Awesome melody!!)

15. Houses of the Holy

16. Tall Cool One

17. Over the Hills and Far Away

18. Gallows Pole


19. Thank You

20. Rock and Roll

21. Goodnight

22. ???? (Some old country song)

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That's pretty funny on 'All the King's Horses', where Plant's on another planet, key-wise. :blink: And he gets it wrong again on the second try, but eventually figures it out for the chorus. It happens!

Where you at the show? and yea it was great! haha, he even said during the very last song he was probably gonna 'fuck it up' lol.

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