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There's quite a difference to say the least. Band Of Joy is more stylistically diverse and definitely has more of an "upbeat" feel to most of it. But I also love the darkness of the Low covers as well. A couple of the songs wouldn't be that much out of place on Fate Of Nations.

Live, this band is absolutely smoking. A must see/hear.

I personally find Raising Sand a bit too subdued and folky, but that's just me. :)

Couldn't agree with you more Rock Action. :thumbsup: I saw Robert twice on his tour at the Beacon in NYC in January and a club show at The Bowery in NYC as well in September. Being so close up in a small crowd of about 500 was unforgettable. He put on a great show and his band was unbelievable. They put on such a great show. I did like Robert with AK, but it was a bit subdued for me as well, even though they played well.

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