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How did Pagey end up on Lord Sutch's album?

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Page and Sutch had known each other since the early '60s. They toured on the same circuit when Page was with Neil Christian, and Page later played on Sutch's 1964 single "She's Fallen In Love With A Monster Man".

But by 1969 Sutch was on the downside of his career and hoping to make a comeback. He asked Jimmy to help him out and Jimmy agreed. This was May 1969 in Los Angeles....Jimmy had a few hours of free time so he figured, "Sure, why not?" According to Jimmy, he thought they were just going to record some hard-rock covers of 1950s rock songs (like "Good Golly Miss Molly" and "Roll Over Beethoven"). But Sutch went back and re-wrote all the lyrics without Jimmy's knowledge, then brought in another guitarist to overdub a bunch of cheesy guitar solos. Jimmy was NOT pleased with the end result.

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