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Post Concert Thoughts

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Though I didn't attend the concert, after sitting at my PC for the length of the concert refreshing the PZ & RO forums (I couldn't get through here), reading the reviews & seeing the photos, watching the clips....I felt as if I was there. I'm experiencing post concert glow.....:lol:

I thought that setlist was awesome!!!!! The song selection, the order.....I was surprised that STH was not played towards the end but someone pointed out to me (and someone can correct me on this) that LZ used to perform STH mid-set back in the day. But I loved that they ended the set with Kashmir then the encores. Kashmir is another one of my favorite LZ tunes. I hope there is a clip of that performance soon. No Heartbreaker but I'm not about to quibble about that. I almost screamed when someone texted they played the "Lemon Song" but later I learned it was Custard Pie.

The guys looked so GOOD and sounded fantastic. I loved Jimmy's outfit.....the man in black....the shades threw me a bit at first but it worked! I wonder how they are feeling today-probably exhausted after the rehearsals, the show but hopefully they are very pleased with their performance because it was A+.

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