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  1. AMEN AND THANK YOU!!! I was out so I missed Jimmy's induction speech but I got home in time to watch him perform with Beck and he looked and sounded great to me. He seemed so happy to be there for a friend! Unfortunately I tanked out and missed the jam so thanks to those who posted youtube links. The jam was wonderful....very rare that you would ever see all that talent on one stage so I'd say sit back, enjoy and stop nitpicking!!! ...
  2. So Jimmy's appearance has been confirmed? If so, that's wonderful news. I believe I get the FUSE channel through my cable provider so I will definitely try to catch it.
  3. Have you read it yet? What does it say? Sounds fascinating...I'll keep my eyes open for this issue. Thanks for the 411.
  4. Never. My thing is...until or unless the band or their reps make an official announcement, take these stories w/a grain of salt.
  5. I see a concoction of speculation and rumors....nothing substantive to make me believe there is anything in the works at this point.....
  6. I'm not surprised the rumors are surfacing again considering the latest interviews.....I think I'll just wait until or if ever, Robert, JPJ and Jimmy make an official annoucement either in person or through their authorized reps.
  7. I've never seen the MTV unplugged episode but I did buy the album and I have to agree....it's one of the best acoustic cds I've heard in awhile. I put a bunch of songs from this unplugged on my ipod....
  8. Alison Krause/Robert Plant...not sure which show I'll be attending but that's my next concert.
  9. You are one of the nicest, kindest and most knowledgeable persons here and it's not the same w/o you.

    I hope you return soon!

    Thank you for being you. :-)

  10. I do too.....and it's about that time again. I'm already uncomfortable from the bloating.
  11. Interesting discussion PageAngel My username is a combo of the intials of my last/middle/first name (in that order) plus I'm a reborn Zep fan!
  12. I recently saw Led Zepagain at the HOB in West Hollywood....awesome as usual! They recreated the O2 show; it was fantastic, awesome, wonderful......for those interested, if they come to your town and recreate this show, definitely check it out. My next show is Heart and hopefully AK/RP (whenever they announce southern california/west coast dates).
  13. Off topic...I love the picture of the dog in your sig. I don't know the sex but it's a cutey!
  14. Great story!!! Robert is so gracious. What a moment to treasure for you!!! Thanks for sharing!
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