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Led Zeppelin


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We all play Led Zeppelin at one time or another. There needs to be a thread which enable us to us all to share our joy playing Led Zeppelin's music together. The Musician's corner is an unreasonably quiet place around here and I think the time is now to liven things up. :guitar_mood:

I give you

Led Zeppelin "featuring the Led Zeppelin Forum Members"

Post audio or video of yourself playing/singing Led Zeppelin tunes!


1. No "I could have played better but," or "I didn't have much time". No excuses. No self-consciousness, no insecurities, HAVE FUN!

2. Specify whether you're open to criticism to avoid conflict.

3. Whether you suck or if you rock, the purpose is to GET IN THE SPIRIT AND HAVE FUN!! So please do so! :yourock:

Pull out your instruments. Open your voice box.

unfortunately I haven't got ANYTHING to post at this moment but will in my next available moment. :)

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"Commie Breakdown''

A song about a communist who became dazed and confused....lol.

Good idea Betteremily, the same thing came to my mind years ago to start a thread like this, but it never materialized somehow.

Yes Whenever I play it live I call it commie breakdown

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