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  1. Yeah, indeed, this was one helluva great (and completely weird) scene. Cult classic!
  2. You should clean your records before posting them............these pics give me nightmares.
  3. Random thought of the day.......since I can't decide, shall I make this (unfinished painting of a) creature a hermaphrodite by adding a penis, or not?
  4. New? Lol, you remind me of Samo-Kodela.
  5. I did that om purpose as well..................seitan is a gluten based meat surrogate, hehehe. This thread deserved some sarcasm due to our new musical messiah and his pompous display of dramatic poserism. Forgive me btw to have you listening to Venom. Most of their compositions are horrible, unless you want something to really piss off your neighbors.
  6. I like their first album most.
  7. Personally I think that no list of geniuses is complete without Venom's Mantas on the number one spot.................that guy invented music, without being able to tune his guitar. His incredible solo on "Witching hour" is still one of the finest moments in recorded musical history. Saw him once in concert and I was nearly deaf for a week............the effect is shattering. Without Mantas there would never have been players like Blackmore, Rhoads, Van Halen or Blind Melon Chitlin, so with all respect, I only discuss music with people who believe in true music: Black Metal!!! Hail Seitan.
  8. Oh gosh.........................a guru has arrived to save our misguided souls. This stiffens my nipples!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Lol, I even had an Ace costume when I was about 14 years old. By far the coolest member of the original foursome.
  10. Reported SAJ for a homophobic remark (thanks for the tip to my anonymous friend, since I put this guy on "ignore" quite a while ago.....seems he still wants to pick fights even though I cannot read his drivel anymore). I wish him well trying to slime himself out of that. Peace!
  11. Might my reply conjure up homophobic replies.................I shall report you to the moderators, no matter who you are
  12. I just "anal-ized" a random comment here to give people a clue as to what I mean with my last posting: I agree completely. I am tired of seeing the "I hate anal sex" etc... nonsense. If those that hate flowers so much and aren't anal sex lovers, there is an easy answer. LEAVE and move to another, any other country. This goes for a lot of people that post on this topic, they know who they are. Get the Fuck out of My Country if you are so pathetic and do not agree with anal sex. I stand with the anal sex, regardless of who my partner is.
  13. As far as the endless discussion regarding the plotical situation of the USA on a forum dedicated to a band from the UK: Im my opinion this comes close to people obsessed with anal sex discussing that matter to death on a forum dedicated to romantic candle dinners.
  14. Personally I think that if a dog would like to get stoned, he should purchase his drugs at a coffeeshop (Or her drugs, in case of the dog being a bitch).
  15. One of my new FB friends turned out to have the same guitar tech as my teen year hero Ace Frehley, so he will get me an autograph now........yeeeeeaaahhhh.
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