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Get The Led Out - The American LZ Tribute Band


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I was lucky enough to catch Get the Led Out at the House of Blues, Atlantic City, NJ.

They are a great group of guys. I would up hanging out with them for a few hours after the show.

Here's some vids:

Moby Dick

Whole Lotta Love

All My Love

Coming Soon:

Heartbreaker, Stairway and Kashmir!!

Their Website is GTLORocks.com

The Intro to All my Love explains what they're about and they dedicate the song to their FANS!!!

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Me likey!! :thumbsup:

Glad You Like it. I've got more videos coming.

They Really Rocked the House!!!! I did my fan interviews, but am having problems with the software. UGH. First time ever.

These guys are really really cool to hang with!!! i highly recommend seeing them if you ever get a chance.

They have six guys onstage in order to reproduce the sound as accurately as possible. Two Leads, bass, keyboards and of course singer and drummer.

GTLORocks.Com is their website with Tour Dates!!

Here's Kashmir complete with Smoke Machines!!!

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