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O2 Concert - Release on DVD?

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yes. it has the potential to make so much money, it would be ridiculous not to do so.

plus I found this online the other day:


I saw the DVD mentioned on the Achilles Last Stand website as well...I would be amazed if it doesn't see the light of day soon...the press coverage and the demand for tickets was as everyone knows awesome...I have really good feelings about us seeing more of Zeppelin next year...

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Led Zeppelin Release Reunion DVD

Tonight's long-awaited Led Zeppelin reunion show at London's O2 Arena will be recorded for DVD. So those of you that weren't able to get hold of the much sought-after tickets will, at least, be able to see the reunion from the comfort of your own living room.

Rumour has it that Robert Plant is waiting to see how well the band performs tonight before committing to any more shows.

Words: Harpreet Bains

Please let this be true....

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