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Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page – The 20 Publisher's Roman Numeral Copies?


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Hi all,

On 13th of June 2011, I received the following email from Genesis Publications (The link and the password contained within still work so, feel free to take a proper look)

It is essentially an invite to purchase one of 20, artist proof copies of the deluxe version of Jimmy's autobiography which are again signed but this time, numbered 1-20 with Roman numerals.

This might be a little way down the line now but I have only recently joined and am keen to find out if any of the fans here were lucky enough to pick up one of these 20 proof copies when the offer first came around?

I have searched through this forums postings and found nothing on the subject so far. I have also tried using popular search engines and come up with nowt but blanks. Then, just to add a dash more mystery to this elusive 20, even Genesis Publications themselves have decided not to include any information pertaining to them within the pages of their website? I'm just glad that I kept the original email! ;)

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Hi, I've placed Publisher's Edition 1/20 (I/XX) on eBay - I can confirm they do exist ! ! ! !



Very nice Rick and the first one too!

Can I ask what price you are hoping to get for it as I couldn't find it anywhere on eBay?

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Hi all. I have copy XV of XX which reluctantly, I have to sell. It has never been opened or unpacked from its original wrapping. (I had one of the 2500 editions to flick through) If you or anyone you know would be interested, please let me know. Sensible offers only please. Ideally, I would like it to go to a good home. bigyoks(at)aol.com Many thanks.

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