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  1. That might have been wishful thinking on your part or, if the rumor is true, then it must have been an entirely different kind of book as Genesis never have published "mass market" versions of their books. Anyway, for exclusivity's sake, I would be very pissed off if the book was mass-marketed (yes I have one)...
  2. Actually, that would have been a whole lotta more fun...
  3. The guy has no grasp on JP's legacy and fans. Unless it's JP himself throwing us a curve ball. Don't go there Jimmy.
  4. This has got to be a new OTD?! Haven't seen it before anyway and I didn't know Ofra Haza was dead!
  5. Back then in the early 80s, I thought that was Robert Plant singing those songs...
  6. The more time passes, the more I love that album.
  7. The extended solo in Dazed and Confused with laser show and bow, the extended solo in Whole Lotta Love with theremin and percussions, in 2007, the huge psychedelic backdrop animation during Kashmir... They were not a strict psychedelic band but they used psychedelic elements from the very start up to the very end...
  8. It seems there was something of an acquaintance between the two (if not a friendship) before things got ugly?
  9. Jimmy is believed to have gone to the bathroom five times today (most probably on account of a weakening bladder).
  10. The studio version really kicks a$$. Give it a listen if you can.
  11. "Shaman" from The Fixx's "Beautiful friction" (sorry it's not on Youtube).
  12. Another thing to consider too is that the fabric on those speaker cab is thick and the weave is 3-dimensional. The weave might very well change hue just by the angle the light strikes it. Same goes for the camera position: you might not get the same hue looking front center and looking sideways.
  13. Rocking song on yesterday's OTD (even if it's a repeat):
  14. Thunderhead Spitfire and the Black Bombers would have been a killer band name.
  15. Easy 1st: You shook me 2nd: Whole lotta love 3rd: Nobody's fault but mine
  16. Me too. Not just in the context of the Firm but overall from Jimmy's career. I particularly like the smooth break...
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